The Best Ratchet Straps Available in Australia

The Best Ratchet Straps Available in Australia

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A large load on a vehicle can be hazardous if everything is not properly secured. While an excellent elastic rope might do the job, the right ratchet straps are your first choice for maximum security. Buckles are a popular belt option, but most professional drivers use ratchet straps for added safety and comfort. These straps are available in different lengths and strengths. Here is our guide with all you need to know to make the right choice when shopping for them.

Benefits of a ratchet strap

Protect larger loads

With ratchet straps, you can hold heavier loads than with standard elastic rope. High-performance ratchet straps are the first choice for drivers who need to carry heavy loads over a distance.

Carry awkward objects

Bicycles, kayaks, golf carts, farm implements, and other portable items can make tying down difficult. The end hook ratchet straps have the advantage that they can be attached directly to parts of the thing or rolled up on different surfaces for greater flexibility. Several straps can work together for longer.

The leading brands of ratchet straps


Rhino USA is a popular name for cargo and off-road vehicles that require heavy loads to be protected. The company's line of belts includes a variety of sizes, strengths, and uses. For everyday use, the Rhino Medium Duty belt is the perfect and affordable alternative.


The Stryder traditional ratchet pattern with adjustable and fixed ends design was not good enough for safe use. In this regard, the company is offering a unique look at the classic ratchet accessory such as UX500 ratchet straps. It's good to know if you want something safer than traditional options, this will suit you.

The Price of a Ratchet Belt

  • $ 25 or less: Most low-cost ratchet strips use a traditional fixed-head construction with an adjustable end. They are easy to use, great for everyday use, but can be limited to heavier loads.
  • $ 25-50: There is a right combination of simple, high-quality strips and ratchet kits that contain several strips with poor performance. Some of the higher layer options are more suitable for heavy loads.
  • $ 50 and above: They are premium belts that are ideal for heavy loads, as they use better materials and thicker widths.

Key Features


The central part of it is the webbing that forms the overall length of the strap. Most tapes contain nylon or polyester, and polyester is preferable for its abrasion and weathering properties. The straps are available for loads of 1 to 4 inches wider.


The ratchet handle tips increase the safety and versatility of the product. Most recommendations are in the form of hooks, whether coated or bare metal. You can attach them in different places or on the handle itself while wrapping it. The head's size, the hook's material, and safety features, such as the locking mechanism, affect the belt's overall strength.


The tensioner forms the ratchet mechanism itself, pulling the belt (adjustable head) with each click and increasing the tension until everything is in order. Most buckles have an adjustable chair that slides freely into the groove. However, some models have a retractable mechanism that wraps around the handle for convenient storage.


The ratchet belt's resistance is always an essential aspect for safe use if carrying loads more enormous than the belt can break it and damage the load or its surroundings. All belts' working performance represents the safest working area and the breaking limit, which means the belt's breaking point. With heavy loads, it is best to maximize these resources as much as possible. A working capacity of 500 pounds and a breaking capacity of 1500 pounds is a reasonable estimate for the average active band.


The total length of the belt affects the size of its coverage. Size is generally not important unless you plan to carry large objects or long distances between the item and the anchor points. Most ratchet straps are 3 to 6 meters long.

The Best Ratchet Straps For Cars or Trucks

Mann Ratchet Tie Down Straps

These Augo ratchet strips are excellent in protecting light and medium loads. The 15-foot ratchet supports have a load capacity of 500 pounds and a breaking strength of 1,500 pounds. While the quadruple backpack may not be the strongest turnstile available, it is excellent for weekend getaways that require less equipment and travel.

The straps have a strong S-hook that can wrap most tubes and closures. Kit carriers can also be hung by the included elastics or soft buckles, as you roll up in different equipment types. The ratchet hooks and handles protect the protected material from metal damage. A click or two that makes it look stretched is usually enough to hold the load. However, this tension can destroy low-quality equipment that is prone to bumps and cracks on the surface.

Erickson 58540 Pro Series


Erickson took the basic ratchet belt model even further with the Pro Series ratchet clamps instead of an easily adjustable fixed head design for small containers. Therefore, it eliminates the hassle of sliding and bending when you want to store the adjustable head out of reach when not in use. The belts are well built and have a reasonable breaking capacity of 3333 pounds. The 40 feet long and 2-inch wide straps are suitable for small to medium-sized devices and workloads. The practical application of this bracelet offer is by far the main selling point.

Fixing and removing the load straps is facilitated by an automatic roller, taking up most of the space between the two ends. Although comfort is high with these belts, you have to make some sacrifices with the retractable structure. For example, the working capacity is slightly less than most conventional ratchet straps. The ten-foot length is also a practical limitation, as the longer straps increase the size and volume of the retractable mechanism and make storage difficult when not in use.

JACO Ratchet Tie Down Straps

These withstands the most demanding loads, such as with fixing a motorcycle, ATV, UTV, kayak, paddleboards, ATV, moving accessories or attachments in a trunk, trailer, or drip box for any job that requires storage. It has heavy waterproof bandages, adjustable to 15 feet with industrial resistance of polyester fabric.

They offers a very soft touch, excellent strength, and guarantees resistance to breaking the belt for 1,823 pounds in AAR certified load control laboratory. It comes with reinforced ratchet cranks with an indestructible rubber coating that meets military specifications and provides a great handle with an easy-to-use steel fixed ratchet mechanism with a quick-release lever to release tension.

The safe and durable rubberized hooks have a rust-proof vinyl coating that is entirely securing the strap to the anchoring point with reliable stability, ensuring your vehicle and cargo is free from scratches and damage. JACO comes with a lifetime warranty. The kit contains (4) ratchet handles, (4) lashing handles, a carrying case, a warranty card, instructions, and an original JACO sticker.

Velidy Premium Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap

It has premium quality Velidy Cam buckle straps with delicate gears and thick, sturdy straps that are extremely reliable for long-lasting performance. It weighs 586 pounds with a capacity of up to 1760 pounds breaking force. It comes with 6 different sizes: 1 "x 3.3 feet, 1" x 6.6 feet, 1 "x 9.9 feet, 1" x 13.2 feet, 1 "x 19.7 feet. Additionally, it contains four packages for different requirements, making it great to carry luggage and roof kayaks to keep them safe while driving.

It protects you on the road and prevents the equipment from scratching your car's paint. Moreover, it is easy to install with a rust-proof metal lock to protect loads. It is ideal for transporting goods that do not require a hook. You can use it for external equipment commonly used to attach cargo to the car's roof rack, SUP surfboard accessory for kayaks, boat leash, luggage straps, tying down beds on the vehicle's roof.

Vehiclex Ratchet Tie Down Straps

It features a durable loading strap of a 1-inch wide polyester belt with a firm stitch pattern and a tear resistance of 2,200 pounds. The robust ratchet mechanism, deep S hooks, and straps are weather resistant and durable. The release lever and ergonomic rubber handle make it easier to insert and remove the handle than most zippers.

A spring mechanism ensures that the ratchet is never open accidentally. The continuous ratchet's side ring is 10 inches long, which keeps the metal part of the ratchet away to avoid scratching the motorcycle or other object. Completely folded out of the vinyl surface, the S-HOOK is a spring clip so that the belt does not come off the hook while driving. The additional pocket is large enough to keep the product clean and tidy.

Ohuhu Ratchet Tie Down Straps

It is a heavy construction that allows 15 feet to support a 500-pound workload with a 1500 pound breakpoint. It is easy to use and release ratchet gears as the coated handles and combines with the release lever for easy operation and release. The hooks are ergonomically rubberized to prevent damage to loads and equipment.

The handles are made of high-quality fabric with reinforced seams to ensure cargo and cargo safety. Belts, locks, and levers of high quality and durability allow the safe use of motorcycles, quads, scooters, sports bikes, vehicles, trucks, and other products.

Audew Ratchet Tie Down Straps

AUDEW ratchet belts are made of high-quality industrial-grade materials to ensure safe cargo. Anodized ratchet, robust and flexible buckles prevent the load from being scratched or marked. It is safe, featuring four Audew ratchet straps, 2,400 pounds of breaking strength, and the load capacity of 800 pounds. It is tronger than many products in the market, with 20 feet long and 1 inch wide for larger flat loads.

You can avoid the dangers of hard-to-understand lashing straps with reversible heavy-duty neon laces, ensuring that the risk of tripping reduces and the load points are visible. The polyester industrial ratchet strap has an anti-UV coating. The Audew ratchet loop kit is ideal for self-guided trips, outdoor activities, logistics, luggage straps, and you can use it as a loop or cord, as a tie-down and fixed load, for camping, like a trailer or mobile device. Audew lashing straps offer a free 12-month manufacturer's warranty and 45-day replacement without personal injury.

Partsam Ratchet Straps Heavy Duty Tie Down Kit

It contains four metal ratchet pins, four heavily coated S hooks, four mooring straps with soft loops, and a carrying bag. It uses molding technology to make sure the handles never fall off. Coated S hooks do not scratch your equipment and keep you up to date. Each load handle is made of durable 1" wide neon tape and has a break resistance of 1250 pounds. The handles have full-bent S hooks to prevent the belt from slipping.

The ratchet straps are perfect for vehicles of different sizes. The soft strap tie-down straps offer more versatility and options for tying points that are too large hooks and prevent scratches and damage by attaching the strap ends directly to the load. These locks keep your vehicle and equipment in good condition, keeping it safe and in place and preventing scratches.

The Best Ratchet Straps For Motorcycles

Roofpax Motorcycle Ratchet Straps Tie Down Kit

This set of four Rhino USA ratchet straps with a maximum break force of 1,823 pounds is perfect for almost all light to medium movements. Together, the ratchet parts can also hold heavier loads, such as motorcycles and off-road vehicles, on the back of a trailer or truck, making it easier to stabilize uncomfortable loads without the risk of injury.


The straps have a very traditional design consisting of a short fixed head and a longer adjustable head with padded hooks. The bracelet itself is only 1 inch thick. Although the strips are thin, they stretch well without breaking under regular load, which increases the straps' strength and flexibility. They are straightforward to use, making them an excellent choice for beginners who learn how to use ratchet straps safely.

The straps are thin to work well for heavier loads, with just four strips. Larger straps with a width of approximately 5 cm are more suitable for heavier loads, with which you can maximize the forces quickly. The strips' quality is generally high, but plastic hangers are known to break and fall below the 1,823-pound mark due to quality control problems.

Aerofast Motorcycles Ratchet Straps

Aerofast product features a state-of-the-art facility, using Swiss knitting machines and ultraviolet-stabilized polypropylene yarns, meaning that the sun does not hurt. It has a thicker belt for more outstanding durability and thermal seals to prevent and minimize wear. These motorcycle straps have a design to withstand Australia's harsh conditions. The innovative anti-rotation snap feature allows flexibility with attachment points as the rotation of the belt reduces.

The rotating safety ring ensures that the belt is tensioned in a straight line and does not get caught in the ratchet mechanism. The rotating sealing ring guarantees motorcycles, UTVs, or ATVs during transport, even on uneven terrain. The breaking strength of this product is 3,000 pounds per tie-down or 6,000 pounds per pair. The rotating safety carabineer ensures that nothing moves, even on hard ground.

It is easy to use by simply attaching the end of the soft loop to the handlebars and attaching the locking ring to the support rod or hook on the trailer or vehicle. Then, tighten the extra webbing before tightening with the strap. You can facilitate this by gently pulling the front suspension. Do not use too much tension, as this can damage the forks/joints of the motorcycle. The Aerofast ratchet strap comes with a money-back guarantee, which indicates it is of high quality.

Important Tips

  • If money is not a major concern, it is a good idea to purchase a ratchet strap that has more load capacity than you need. An additional capacity buffer increases versatility.
  • Learn how to use the ratchet strap correctly, including how to tie the ends together and put it back in place from the start. It makes it easier to secure the straps more securely from the start.
  • We recommend that you use a retractable ratchet strap if you use the belts frequently. It can save a few minutes of the adjustable primary winding, especially when the retract mechanism for automatic winding is spring-loaded.
  • Choose short straps for easy attachment to motorcycles or off-road vehicles. The strap number is more vital than the length for small devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long of a strap do I need?

A 10-20 foot harness is adequately long for regular loads that you can carry. Longer belts are most commonly preferable for commercial purposes or other projects that do not involve dragging heavy loads between locations.

Q: Can the ratchet straps break?

Like any other mechanism, ratchet straps can break, especially if you overuse them. In most cases, the belt or the endpoint itself will likely get damaged before the ratchet mechanism. If you are keeping loads and forces below the belt limits, it probably won't break.

Q. Can I use ratchet straps with other attachments?

Ratchet straps work well with other cables, rubber bands, and ties. You can also hang ratchet strips on the various tie-downs to add full length or wrap a delicate product.


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