The Best Synthetic Winch Rope Available in Australia (2022 Update)

The Best Synthetic Winch Rope Available in Australia (2022 Update)

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A winch is vital for off-road driving, towing, and even some commercial activities. Initially, only steel wire was available. Steel cables have always been for ATV winches since their inception. The wires are adequately strong to tow vehicles and other heavy things, and some still prefer them today. However these days, there is a much safer and more comfortable option that can provide even better results

After firstlisting some top picks this guide will give you detailed information on what you need to know regarding the best synthetic winch lines.

The Best Synthetic Winch Ropes Available in Australia

Ucreative Synthetic Winch Cable


This 50 ft, 1/4 inch synthetic winch cable has a tensile strength of 7,700 pounds and is available in many colors, including yellow, grey, and blue. It features a design for minimal stretching and twisting and is resistant to UV rays and chemicals. It is generally suitable for most ATVs and UTVs and has a sturdy metal lock and a black protective cover. It is a solid line, well-built and robust, made of strong synthetic fibers with little flexibility.

Also, it is light and swims in the water. You can fold it, roll it in half to fit in a small truck area when you want to use it for other purposes or as a safety rope. Furthermore, it is easy to install and looks great. However, you have to use an aluminum Hawse glove for this cable, as it can break with conventional strain relief. Breaking is also possible in the case of track jumping. A break after a short period of use has become the main problem.

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Offroading gear synthetic winch rope

It is a universal rope that fits all winches, including SmittyBilt, Power Winch, and ARB. The offroading gear offers several options with this series, and each cable has a protective cover, a stainless steel locking ring, and a rubber stopper. It also has a handy carrying case and protects your line from the weather. The options available to help you choose the perfect product are a significant highlight in the series of offroading gear winches.

Offroading Gear Synthetic rope comes in tensile strengths and sizes of a ¼ inch by 50 ft line that can tow 6,400. The manufacturer offers a 30-day warranty for all the products. Offroading Gear provides many options and parts, but the product is not for everyone. A 3/8 inch rope is a more costly option on the list, and smaller sizes are also expensive for their size. The tensile strength of 18,000 pounds is also less than that of an AUXMART rope.

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FieryRed synthetic winch cable

The 10mm * 30M FieryRed rope has a breaking point of 10950 kilograms and with a rating for SUVs, Jeeps, and other off-road vehicles with winches weighing 9,000 14,500 pounds. It comprises 12 highly resistant braided nylon threads and has a chemical and UV resistant nylon cover. It drives well when towing on a slope and is excellent for removing stumps, hauling a car in a trailer, towing stuck vehicles, and is lightweight than competitive cables.

Also, it is easy to install and lasts a long time. One issue with this cable is that it can be a bit stiff, and the loop attached to the winch pulley is not of the best quality. Additionally, a black dye can rub in your hands, exposing a white thread underneath.

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QIQU Synthetic Winch Rope

It is available in grey and blue, 50-inch 3/8 inch rope with a design for UTVs, ATVs, SUVs, and 4WD vehicles. This rope is sturdy, easy to maneuver, flexible, and much more comfortable to use than a steel rope.

Many people use this product in their climbing steps, and tree stands. It is also very cheap. However the maximum breaking strength is only 6,500 pounds, which is less than that of other competing brands.

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SINOKING 3/8 inch synthetic rope with protective cover

It comes with 3/8 inches, 9.5 mm × 26 m, and 8,500 kg tensile strength. It is has a sturdy construction of ultra-high molecular polyethylene; it offers high resistance and excellent tensile strength. It features a design of durable nylon eye protection for a durable and robust hook. A urethane coating makes it more resistant to UV rays and chemicals and deficient water absorption. Additionally, the protective cover protects against sharp or rough surfaces. The synthetic cable is much safer than the wire. The resistance can be 1.5 times greater than the same specification wire.

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AlltoAuto synthetic winch cable with protective cover

The AlltoAuto winch cable has excellent biological durability, high fatigue resistance, and high resistance. It is 3/8 inch in diameter, usable with winches with a pulling weight of at least 9,500 lbs. It comes with a coating of black urethane to protect it from ultraviolet radiation and chemical abrasion.

The braiding type is unique, with a temperature resistant coating on the top layer of the cable used to wrap the winch drum. It weighs just over 4 pounds compared to 100 feet of wire for about 26 pounds, which reduces the risk of physical strain and fatigue when using the winch.

Made of durable 12-layer nylon with a breaking capacity of 25,000 pounds. It is easy to clean with mild water and soap. AlltoAuto recommends changing synthetic strings every 12 months. However, they promise a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 24-month limited warranty, and online customer support.

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More Great Synthetic Winch Ropes - UPDATED CURRENTLY SHOWING UNAVAILABLE (Likely COVID-19 related)

WARN synthetic rope

You can use this 50 ft, 3/8 inch synthetic cable, light, easy to handle, and flexible. It also has a protective cover against stones. Again, this WARN rope is strong, agile, of good quality, and easy to install. It fits perfectly, has excellent surface treatments, and complements old worn-out cables. The cable can pull ATVs, trucks, and other types of mud without breaking or fraying.

Besides, the instructions are straightforward. One issue with this rope is that it becomes easily brittle when wet. It can be a problem if you are using it for plowing. The cord can also wear out very quickly and not last as long as some competitive synthetic winch cables last.

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YaeTek 95ft Synthetic Winch Rope Line Cable


YaeTek synthetic rope is 95-foot, 3/8-inch with a tensile strength of up to 20,500 pounds and a design for ATVs, SUVs, Jeeps, and trucks. The cord is easy to use and works at even low temperatures of around -4 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a protective cover resistant to UV rays and abrasion. It also has a hook attachment and stainless steel tube.

It is a high-quality cable and will last over time. It is sturdy yet lightweight and easy to use for towing cars or logs. It sits comfortably in hand and is flexible, and the bow is durable. The eyelet is thick, which indicates its quality. Nevertheless, it does not come with a hook. Moreover, the sleeve may break after a short period of use, making the braided line wear quickly. It also frays prematurely.

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STEGODON 3/8 inch 100 ft synthetic winch cable


It features a heavy-duty construction of reinforced 12-thread braided nylon. This highly durable, rust, and water-resistant plastic cable offers consistently high performance with an impressive 23,805 lb. breaking capacity. This synthetic winch cable is much safer and cheaper than traditional wire and does not keep kinetic energy under heavyweights. This aspect guarantees extremely reliable lifting performance.

It comes with a premium protective cover of UV and chemically resistant nylon cover that protects against abrasion, sunlight, overheating, and corrosion and can extend the plastic handle's life. This cable is much stronger than the wire and can withstand all pulling forces, 40% stronger than aramids, 15 times stronger than steel. It also has a versatile design to handle various winches between 9,000 and 14,500 pounds making this synthetic rope an ideal candidate for your Jeep, 4x4 SUV, and more.

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HOOAI synthetic winch cable

If you are looking for synthetic ATV or UTV cables, HOOAI has a great product. This nylon winch cable has competitive properties due to its low price, making it an excellent product for those who do not s of a cable's support features a line. This 3/16" synthetic winch cable is 48 feet long and has a breaking strength of 6,000 pounds. A striking design is the fixation hook, which uses sturdy nylon eye protection.

Another exciting feature is the 5-foot protective sleeve, which is unavailable in many inexpensive winch cables. The rope is also easy to handle and secure without worrying about abrasion. HOOAI includes a 90-day return policy and a lifetime warranty. This UTV winch cable is of great value, but not for all buyers. Many customers of synthetic winches complain about its only color, light blue. As with most ATV winches, the 3/16 '' cable cannot withstand the heavy pulling vehicles. The 6,000 pounds tensile strength is excellent, considering its price range.

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Ranger ULTRANGER 3/4 inch 100-foot synthetic winch cable


This 3/4 inch 100-foot cable is heat-treated and pre-tensioned for maximum tensile strength. It comes with a 20,500-pound breaking point and a red protective cover to prevent scratches and scuffs. The rope also has a stainless steel tube casing that protects your eyes. The sleeve serves as a warning not to wrap too much thread and covers the line if it comes in contact with stones. The D-ring has a durable surface, and the entire length of the rope fits easily into the spool.

Overall, it looks beautiful and elegant, resists knotting, and is challenging to cut. The disadvantage is that it can leave a black film if you touch it with your bare hands. It also can't reach up to 30 meters as it claims. The lug bolting the winch drum is massive so that the rope can be a little short. Some also claim that thermal protection is too short.

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Important Tips

  • When towing off-road vehicles, it may not be necessary to attach good quality synthetic cables. The average Jeep weighs only 4,000-5,000 pounds.
  • Consider what equipment you need to secure the rope to the winch. Each winch cable has a specific size ring (usually 1/4 "to 3/8") so that you can attach it to the anchor point of the winch and must be the size of the screw.
  • Pushing the winch cable over irregular objects can cause abrasion and increase the risk of breakage. Sleeves are the right choice if you often use the winch cable on sharp surfaces.
  • Winches move with the towing, but you cannot use a winch with recovery straps. The winch cables have a design for connection to the winch, and the single strands do not work. It is also impossible to attach them to the winch drum.

Synthetic Winch Cable vs Steel Winch Cable


Synthetic winch cables are considerably lighter than the equivalent steel winch cable and being lighter can be easier control during use. Steel cables, being relatively heavier than synthetic ropes, can be more challenging to attach to a towed object.


While steel wins in the resistance class, steel stores energy, which is finally released by the wire's explosive crack. Synthetic winches feature a design for stretching and you can repair it, twist, and reuse it.


Synthetic material is generally more costly, and yet the rope is sensitive to ultraviolet rays. The positive of steel cables are the lower price and much less vulnerability in case you leave it exposed to sunlight.


The main disadvantage of using traditional steel cables is that they pose a significant safety risk if broken. A synthetic winch rope is not only less dangerous during a break but also less prone to sudden failure.

How much does a Synthetic Winch Rope Cost?

  • Less than $25: The smallest and cheapest winches feature a design for use on ATVs and UTVs. These strings are typically only 3/16 of an inch thick and generally have a tensile strength of fewer than 6,000 pounds.
  • $25-75: Some winch cables for larger UTVs and light trucks are slightly more expensive. They cover 6,000 to 12,000lbs winch cables and may include off-road kits with vital features.
  • $75-125: Most synthetic winches fall into this price range. It includes 75- to 100-foot cables with additional features like gloves and steel D-rings.
  • Over $125: Some off-road kits with superior strings are more expensive. This price also includes winches complete with synthetic lines.

Main features

Tensile strength

It is impossible to use a winch if you are buying a rope that cannot carry the load. Each synthetic line manufacturer indicates the tensile strength of the product. You do not want to push the line too hard, so it is important not to buy a rope that weighs close to the pulling weight. For example, do not shorten the 10,000-pound line to tow 9,500 pounds.


If you can think of the typical winch spacing, you can choose the product that best suits your requirements. You require a rope that bridges the gap between the anchor point and your vehicle, providing more workspace. Smaller winch lines for off-road vehicles are typically less than 15 meters long, while heavy truck cables can be up to 30 meters long.


Considering the price of synthetic winches is essential for your budget as it ensures you do not spend extra money on unnecessary resources. Also, be aware that, regardless of how much the product costs, breaks may still occur.

Extra parts

One thing to consider before purchasing a new winch cable is what accessories you may need. It includes mounting accessories, D-rings, fixing rings, bags, and other useful features that are generally more expensive. Consider shopping for them all together as it helps in saving money in the long run.


The last thing you want to do is spend the money on a new winch cable that will break the first time you use it. Regardless of product quality, manufacturing defects, or user errors, obtaining additional warranties can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to maintain a synthetic winch rope?

Maintenance may include cleaning the winch cable, but in most cases, only a few preventive measures are necessary. Keep the rope out of direct sunlight to prevent it from drying out and keep it away from moisture to avoid damage.

Q: What is a synthetic rope made of?

Manufacturers use various materials to make synthetic ropes, such as polyurethane, metal wire, nylon, and other synthetic plastics.

Q: How to install the synthetic winch rope?

You must first remove any old ropes or cables from the winch. Then connect the new line's eyelet to the winch locking mechanism. Once in place, Wrap the new thread around the winch drum, and you are ready to proceed.


With many options for steel and synthetic winch cables, it is advisable to find one that suits your needs. If you need a heavy-duty cable, we recommend the HOOAI synthetic winch rope. If you are looking for a cheaper but high-quality product, try the Ucreative synthetic winch 1/4 '' x 50 '7700lb. Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructional manual to avoid injury or damaging the winch rope.


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