Tips to Help You Overhaul Your Spare Room

Tips to Help You Overhaul Your Spare Room

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Moving into a house with a spare room can seem like a brilliant idea. You could have guests to stay more often. You could turn it into a library, or a games room. Perhaps you could create that walk-in wardrobe you've always dreamed of. For many of us, the reality of the spare room is that it turns into a dumping ground. Clothes that were supposed to go to charity, suitcases that never quite got unpacked, mysterious moving boxes that have remained unopened.

If your spare room could do with a little tender loving care, then take note of some of these great overhaul ideas.

A Space for Exercising

Many of us spend a small fortune on gym subscriptions, but if you've got space at home then why not bring the gym to you? Of course, gym equipment costs money, but over the course of a year, you could easily make that all back in subscriptions that you no longer have to pay. Better still, secondhand equipment is often surprisingly cheap! Treadmills and assisted lifting machines tend to see the biggest price drops, as people who are downsizing no longer have space.

If you prefer yoga or free weights, then your outlay can be even less. Instead of carpets, invest in some wipe-clean flooring. Wood-effect laminates look more real than ever and come with a friendly price tag to boot. Next, find yourself a large mirror so that you can check your form. If you're not afraid of a little DIY, then you can even fashion yourself a rack for storing weights.

A Space for Entertaining

A games room is the perfect idea for those who love to entertain. A table for card games is a great choice because it's versatile and provides manu unique options to try at your next games night.

If you're blessed with a little more space, then a snooker table can create an air of sophistication all by itself. Often you can pick up a billiards table for little money on online auction sites, as many people just don't have space for them. Deck out the rest of the room with a chesterfield sofa and vintage cabinetry. Invest in some high-quality, jewel-tone drapes and you'll be well on your way to creating that 'smoking room' vibe.

A Space for Relaxing

home library
Whether you go for floor to ceiling bookcases, or just simple DIY shelves, a home library can make the perfect space to relax

In our hectic modern-day lives, it can be easy to forget to make time to really relax. Turning your spare room into a little haven can make the biggest difference to your life. If you love nothing more than kicking back with a great book, then install some shelving and create the library that so many of us have always dreamed of. A couple of comfortable, high-backed chairs and a side table for your cup of tea can instantly create the ultimate cozy hideaway.

Some of us prefer relaxing in front of a movie and have had dreams of creating our own home cinema since the days of MTV Cribs. Although installing a load of cinema seats can get quite costly, it's possible to get an enormous screen for less money than you might think. Projector screens are booming in popularity, thanks to their affordability and great image quality. Better still, when they're not in use they simply roll away, so your room could easily be multipurpose. If you want to go the whole hog, then why not install a popcorn maker and see if you can get your hands on some vintage cinema seats?

When you're revamping your spare room, remember that your needs should always come first. Sure it's nice being able to offer guests somewhere to stay the night, but you can always make sure your living room couch folds out and keep all that extra space for yourself! Really take time to think about what would improve your life the most and then go wild with it. Remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure; boot sales, auction sites, and thrift shops are your friend.

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