Steps To Make Your Home More You

Steps To Make Your Home More You

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Have you ever thought about changing up the environment you live in? Or want to make your house into a place which you love to show off? Completely revamping your home with the help of some funky, fresh home décor inspiration will help you enter 2021 in the coolest house yet.

Start With A Plan

House Plan

Create a mind map by brainstorming a whole range of ideas and themes that you would like your house decoration to look like. For this step, focus solely on the interior of your house, as this will take the most time and effort. You might want to consider a Hamptons theme. This style is elegant and never gets out of style. If you want to add Hamptons style furniture to your house check out La Maison for more designs. You can also attend a variety of open houses, allowing you to fully experience the aura of the house, so that you can make a better and well- informed decision based on your preferences. Some other inspiration to draw upon would be to reflect on any countries you may have visited before and dig up some old pictures to see if that is something you would like to base your home décor around. Particularly in this time and age of Covid, bringing the other side of the world right into your home may reignite a sense of excitement and joy.

Organise The Items In Your Home

Organise Items in your home

After deciding on your idea, or your top three ideas, you can begin clearing out the items which you do not need, and those that you feel will no longer fit with the look you are going for. This will also make it easier for you later on to clear out the space before beginning with your renovation. Renovating can be expensive, and so to kill two birds with one stone, perhaps holding a garage sale for all the items you no longer need can assist in the financial burden of changing up your house for the better. After getting rid of some of the items, shopping for new items which match your aesthetic may be just what you need. Although this may be fun and extremely therapeutic, be careful not to go overboard, keeping in mind the available amount of space in your home, as well as your budget.

Choose Your Colour Scheme

Colour Scheme for house

Choosing a colour scheme can be incredibly difficult in finding what colours you prefer the most, and what colours blend nicely together. A simple tip would be to utilise the analogous colour scheme, which are typically colours which are next to each other on the colour wheel. Another option for choosing colours would be to decorate from light to dark, vertically. This limits your choices, as you can only choose from specific shades for specific parts of the room.

To go back to basics, using monochromatic colours can create a simplistic yet elegant look. This is advisable in smaller spaces, like the bathroom or the kitchen to really make these rooms stand out.

Another rule is the 60- 30- 10 rule where in decorating the space, 60% of the room takes up the dominant colour (walls and ceiling of the room), 30% of the room is comprised of the secondary colour (upholstery) and finally the remaining 10% is known as the ‘accent colour’(accessories such as vases, jars) to truly make the room pop.

Make sure to note that if you are decorating different types of rooms within the house, for example the study, the bedroom, living room, etc. it is important to understand the psychology of colour and its effects on people. Putting it simple, it would be advisable to use different colours in the study, as opposed to the bedroom as both these rooms have different purposes and auras.

Decorate The Outsides Of Your Home

House Outdoor

Decorating the outsides of your house is slightly easier inspiration wise, as you have your interior design decided upon already. Thus, you can get started on painting the outside of your house quickly, as you have already decided on your colour scheme. As the paint is drying, if you have have decided to landscape your backyard and/ or your front porch, you can begin doing so. This process will take multiple days to ensure you achieve the result that you had hoped for.

If you have decided not to landscape but rather change the tiling of the ground, ensure everything is in place before you begin.

Once completed with the flooring, you are 75% there! Add finishing touches of personalisation, such as planting your favourite flowers, putting up a cover or adding beach chairs- the possibilities are endless!

Add The Finishing Touches To The Interior Of The Home

One aspect of the home that may be forgotten would be the windows - I know I would unintentionally leave them out of the home renovation! Windows are the only part of the light that allows the natural sunlight to come into the house and choosing the right design can be crucial in the type of vibe that your home radiates during the day.

Other finishing touches may include:

o   Bringing in flowers or plants to create life and energy to the living area, kitchen or bathroom

Kitchen plants

o   Setting a particular type of mood with different types of lamps and lighting

o   Adding rugs to create depth and a homely feeling of warmth and comfort

Floor Carpet

o   Hanging art, which can distinctly express your personality and preference

Wall hanging art pieces

o   Adding long mirrors, which can create a sense of spaciousness and the perfect place to check out those OOTD’s!

Always Remember That Situations May Change, And That Is Okay!

Another suggestion would be to think carefully about the changing needs that may occur over time. Do you have elderly parents living with you that may require specific needs in the near future? Considering these now will allow you to adapt your design before you begin with your renovations, rather than changing them later on. Some simply future-proof designs or modifications will make a home more adaptable and disability friendly.

And Finally,... Remember To Have Fun!

Redecorating your home can take up to months to finalise an end product that you are extremely proud of, so make sure that you are enjoying what you are doing! The process can be highly challenging and straining however almost always produces a rewarding outcome. Below is a video which provides a visual guide to further boost your inspiration and motivation to begin designing your dream home today.


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