Preparing for a landscape renovation in 9 easy steps

Preparing for a landscape renovation in 9 easy steps

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Are you planning to start a landscape renovation in the next few weeks? If so, now is the best time to get a head start on your project! Our friendly folks from Superdraft are here to share a few things that you can do in preparation for this, so you are ready when it’s time to speak with a landscape architect or a landscaper!

1. Get to know your garden space better

Take a good look at your surroundings. Before speaking with a professional, you need to know about your regional climate, the topography of your site, soil type, the areas exposed to the sun, and the areas that enjoy the shade.

These are very important details to know about your property before you embark on a landscape renovation. Knowing these things, you can easily speak with a professional who is likely going to ask a lot of questions about the current state of your property.

2. Imagine how you want to use your yard

Professionals are also going to ask about your plans for the space and your goal for having a landscape renovation. They’re going to ask you to describe the yard of your dreams, how you want to utilise the space, and who all are going to spend time out there.

Having an idea or a vision for your landscape renovation from the onset will help the professionals create a new design and knock together a game plan for the entire landscape renovation.

3. Think of themes

Having a theme is going to help you unify your landscape design. It is going to guide you throughout the selection and placement of plants, decorations, structures, furniture pieces, and hardscapes.

The best theme for your new landscape design is always related to the architecture of your home. If you have an Asian-style home, consider creating a relaxing Zen or Oriental garden.

4. Find design inspiration online

After coming up with a theme for your garden, try searching for images that help you visualise the design. Looking up photos of different design elements and collating them in an album will also help your landscape architect or landscaper understand your vision.

Recently, Superdraft updated their design inspiration gallery so their customers can save inspo images within their project planning platform.

5. Think about linking interior rooms to an outdoor space

Planning your landscape design is as crucial and meticulous as planning your home’s interiors. It is nice to get the most out of your yard. Consider creating spaces where you can hang out and designing pathways to encourage movement throughout the landscape. Building indoor-outdoor spaces is also an efficient way to utilise garden space.

6. Make a list of the plants you want in your garden

Plants give life to the landscape. Choosing the right plant is the most important task on your landscape renovation checklist. Not growing the right plants in your garden might lead to costlier maintenance costs. There is also no guarantee that a plant will thrive, especially in an environment where it is not suited.

If you don’t have an idea which plants to grow in your garden, consider speaking with a neighbour who has a great garden and getting advice from a local horticulturist.

7. Book a landscape architect and a landscaper

Landscape architects and landscapers are two very different professionals. A landscape architect creates the design in collaboration with you and drafts all the required drawings. A landscaper builds it. You will be needing the expertise of both professionals in your landscape renovation.

8. Meet with the professional

Meeting with these design and construction professionals is hard nowadays because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it would be nice if they can see and examine the site before they start working on your project.

Thankfully, many professionals conduct online consultations. They also follow strict health protocols in case they need to visit the site. During the meeting, wear face masks and practice social distancing.

9. Find out if your project requires council approval

Landscape renovations that involve the construction of a deck, gazebo, carport, garage, pergola, alfresco patio, retaining wall, arbour, boundary wall, or swimming pool often require council approvals. The council is more involved and more concerned with external building works because these might have an effect on the neighbouring properties.

Always double-check with your local council to be sure.

After completing all the documents and drawings for your project, immediately lodge the files to your local council and wait for the approval.

10. Get ready for construction!

With an expert landscaper on board, you can commence with the building works immediately after receiving a green light from your council. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the turnover!


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