How to use an Impact Driver: A Simple Guide

How to use an Impact Driver: A Simple Guide

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Let’s face it, an impact driver is a great tool when it comes to completing projects, DIY and many others. You as a user can make the most out of your time if you have a proper idea on how to use an impact driver.

Yes, it doesn’t seem like a hard tool to use and yes, in fact, it is easy to use but there is still a difference between using it like a true professional and a semi-professional. And if you happen to be a beginner then you are in for a treat!

But before we get started, it is very important to know what an impact driver is and what it does. So without further ado, let’s kick-off!

What is an impact driver and what does it do?

An impact driver is basically a high-torque tool that is used for driving screws and tightening nuts. It can also be convenient for drilling but with less control as a standard drill.

The difference being the higher torque, making them more comfortable to use over a long period of time for driving screws.

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Like any cordless drill, a cordless impact driver is more convient than a corded impact driver as you can use it anywhere as long as the battery is charged. There are endless options for great cordless impact drivers.

In addition, it is perfect for jobs that need deeper or powerful penetration. It should be your go-to tool if you have to use a lot of screws and bolts in your projects because of the features it comes with.

It has a huge amount of torque power which means it has no problem dealing with wood or metal. You will be able to screw quickly and in no time!

Furthermore, it is compact and the price is also not very high. The money you spent will be worth every penny because you will be able to perform 3 different tasks.

Impact drivers also need less movement and are more comfortable to use. The tool directs its power from such an action that you need very little help from your arm.

Most of the impact drivers come with LED light making it easier to use at night and the main functions are forward and reverse position. For driving a screw you will need to use the forward switch and for removing a screw, you will need to use the reverse switch. As simple as that!

Are Impact Drivers and Hammer Drills the Same?

Many people confuse impact drivers with hammer drills. Hammer drills are different from impact drivers and made for a different purpose. They are essentially regular drills with the added ability to vibrate the drill bits back and forth rapidly while spinning.

It’s this rapid hammering that gives hammer drills their name and makes for much quicker drilling in brick, concrete and stone.

How to use an impact driver

Step 1

The first you should do after buying anything not only impact driver is to read the manual as it will give you a clear idea of the product. There is a reason why it was written.

On top of that, not all impact drivers are the same, not all have the same settings and you can’t switch between the features in the same way so you will make the most of your purchase by reading the manual.

Step 2

Safety is what you should look out for next even though impact drivers aren’t as dangerous as other power tools like a chainsaw or a table saw.

A good set of gear for an impact driver should include a mask so that you can avoid dust and other particles that may irritate asthma. A pair of gloves to prevent cuts in case of slippage and finally safety glasses for eye protection.

There will always be a possibility for small pieces of wood or dust reaching your eyes and that is when those glasses will come in handy.

Apart from this gear, there are few precautions that you as a user can take that will make your work 100% easier and risk-free. Making sure your clothes are not too loose so that they touch the tool when it is moving around is one of them.

Tying your hair if you have long hair, keeping your hands at a distance from the screws, holding the impact driver tightly so that it doesn’t slip and keeping your the area you are working in tidy are the factors that you should keep in mind.

Step 3

Attach the battery to the impact driver if not attached (for attaching, all you have to do is slide it) and make sure that the battery is charged.

Next, check the settings to make sure it is ready to run. It is not a very important step but it will be worth your time if you do it.
In order to check, set the switch to forward and press the trigger. After making sure it runs, set the switch to reverse and do the same as you did for the forward switch.

Step 4

You need to choose the right bit from the variety of bit types the impact driver comes with. The best way to do it is by looking at the head of the screw and understand the shape of the screw.

Different types of shapes include Phillips, Slotted, Hexagonal, Square, Torx and many others.

After matching the head of the screw with the bit, look for the desired length you want to use and install it in the chuck.

Step 5

Hold the impact driver the most comfortable way possible and hold the drill with your dominant hand.

You need to apply enough pressure to kill the drill in place, but there should be no need to use too much arm strength because you can use an impact driver using only wrist movement. This is where a standard drill and an impact driver part their ways.

Step 6

After finishing your work it is best to keep your impact driver in your storage area in the best way possible.

Start by removing the bits and you can do that just the way you installed it. Next, remove the battery by sliding it and charge it if needed. Lastly, clean your impact driver with a cloth or something dry and place it in your storage area or case.


You won’t face any kind of problem if you follow these 6 steps. And to be honest, they are very easy to do. An impact driver is a tool that doesn’t take much time to learn and you will save up so much time once you start using it for your project. And let’s not forget time is very precious. Plus, who will say no to paying less and using a very comfortable tool? I am sure you won’t!
That’s all from here, best of luck with your projects!


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