How To Find The Right Builder For Your Home Renovation Project

How To Find The Right Builder For Your Home Renovation Project

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A home renovation project is perhaps the most resource-consuming activity you can have for your property. Major home remodeling activities can take a lot of time and money. That’s why homeowners must find a builder who can perform everything right.

A successful home rehabilitation project means keeping costs within budget and getting everything done on time. While no home project is ever perfect, having the right home contractor can mitigate major challenges and still come up with jaw-dropping results. The right builder can also provide you with the best options for your project.

Hiring the best home building contractor requires careful planning and a few critical considerations. If you want to avoid having to withstand unreasonable project delays and cost pile-ups, check the following points that we’re about to discuss below.

1. Know What You Want Before Seeking Home Builders

Home repairs are easier to do since you know what needs to be done without too many considerations. Building renovations, on the other hand, is a totally different ballgame. You need to have a vivid plan of the changes you want to be done; whether an expansion, an additional floor, or a more modern look to your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

Get inspiration from magazines or online sources such as Integriti Projects. List down all ideas and inspiration that you like as well as the materials you need for the project before talking to contractors.

2. How to Look for A Right Builder

The key to finding the right builder is to choose from among the many, and filter the best ones properly. If you haven’t had a home rehab before, you can rely on online and traditional sources and start creating your list.

  • Recommendations from friends and family members
  • Advice from your trusted professional
  • Online research and reviews
  • Industry and trade organizations in your area
  • Traditional advertising such a local newspapers or radio spots

There are a few avenues that you can explore when finding the right building contractor. One of the best ways to do this is to seek advice from friends and family members who can tell you more about how the project went. Don’t forget to check other sources, too, as small but good home contractors may not be highly present online.

3. Choose Local Builders

You can explore all the companies you want, but for your own benefit, try to choose a local builder. These professionals can work on your home more efficiently. Because they’re based nearby, they wouldn’t have to arrive late and leave early, maximizing work times.

More importantly, local contractors are familiar with the local building codes, and the permits needed to obtain before the project could start. Finally, they know one or two construction companies that can supply low-priced and good-quality materials. This is absolutely helpful as inflated material prices are driving construction costs upward.

4. Make A Personal Appointment

No matter where you got your choice of contractor from, remember to never skip having a face-to-face meeting. Go to the company’s physical office to find out more about them. You can ask the following pertinent issues or questions:

  • The type of work they’ve done previously
  • Their expertise, if any
  • Do they have trade association memberships?
  • Explain what you want to be done and it’s better if you can show pictures
  • Ask if they’ve done the same project
  • Let them run you through the process
  • Request references for previous works

You can start gauging how the transaction will be like during this visit, so ask as many questions as you can. Check how they handle your queries. Are they giving out a satisfactory answer? Are they confident about the potential works involved in your home remodeling project?

While you’re not expected to earn friends from this undertaking, having a contractor whom you can get along with, is equally important in the success of the project.

5. Ask For A Quotation

Before asking for more details about the projected costs and time needed to complete the building renovation, remember that everything is tentative up until a contract is signed. What you can do to get a quote that’s closest to the actual price, is to be as detailed as possible in explaining your expected results.

You can send out the project drawings and plans, description of materials, and other items to be used, among other important documents to help them with the estimation of the costs and time needed.

6. Don’t Choose the Cheapest Yet

Getting three quotes is a healthy figure for your project. Don’t go for the cheapest quote yet as there may be some things –whether services or materials that haven’t been included. Some firms may also be charging low on the initial contract, only to overcharge for additional works and items at a later stage.

Check all the details for inclusions and choose one or two that are favorable to you. Don’t worry, as you may be able to negotiate for lower prices down the road.

7. Check for Licenses, Insurance, and Permits

Permits and other requirements vary from one state to another. Regardless, choose local builders who have the required license and permits to practice their craft. Most states require hands-on training and licensure exams before a license can be obtained.

A builder’s insurance is necessary for protecting you and the company from the damages and workplace injuries incurred during home renovation works. You don’t want to deal with a company that doesn’t have one.

Ensure that the contractors are capable of getting a renovation permit on your behalf. Make the project legitimate by having it listed in the local office to ensure you’re not violating any ordinance. Besides, not getting a permit means your home renovation won’t be checked by local officials for integrity.

8. Contact References

Preparing for home renovation requires you to perform due diligence by keeping in touch with the home builder’s previous clients. This is important to know how the project went. You may ask the customer for the following information:

  • What was the scope of (renovation) work?
  • How satisfied are they with the work?
  • What were the main challenges?
  • Did the project finish on time?
  • Did they need to pay more?
  • In case another project needed to be done, will they hire the same contractor again?

You can interview at least two references to help you come up with the best choice.

9. Demand A Contract

To facilitate smooth transactions, always discuss the rules and terms, and have them written down in a document, including the payment schedule. Also set aside up to 15% of the total project cost as a buffer for your expenses and to avoid project delays.

Communicate with your contractors regularly, and don’t hesitate to discuss with them if you see anything that’s not according to plan.

Finally, don’t transact with a home builder that couldn’t or refuses to provide a written agreement or contract. For your safety, don’t provide full payment until all of the works have been satisfactorily completed.


Finding the right builder for your home renovation is crucial as you need to find the right builder for your renovation project. There are many things that you need to consider which are mentioned above. Make sure that you consider the things that you want to see in the renovation of your home as well as the budget, permits, insurance, and contract without compromising safety and result. Also, choose a contractor that you’ll go along with. Finding the right builder for the project will help a lot in having a smooth and successful home renovation.


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