How To Add Character To Boring Windows At Home

How To Add Character To Boring Windows At Home

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Your windows are an important element of your home because they significantly affect the ambiance of your property, and provide light, ventilation, and warmth to the people living in it. Unkempt windows can become an eyesore and may cause discomfort to the entire household.

If you're looking for a new way to add personality to your home windows, then, you're on the right track as this article is going to show you how easy it is to give your windows a whole new personality with just a few simple changes.

1. Clean Your Windows

First of all, if you want to incorporate some character into your home, then, you need to take the time to clean your windows before you even start with the actual painting or staining. It’s important to get this done before starting to paint. You need to take away the grime on your windows and polish them up to make them look nice as new. This is a great way to make them look very professional and stylish.

2. Use Window Treatments

You should look for window treatments that are affordable if you want to add character to boring windows at home. Regardless of how much you’re planning to spend to improve how your windows look, there’ll always be window treatments available that fit the bill.

Some of the most common window treatments you can buy today are roman shades, easy fit blinds, shutters, and cellular shades. All of these window treatments come with pros and cons, so it’s always best if you do some research and weigh your options first. The more you know about window treatments, the easier it’ll be for you to choose the best and right one.

3.  Paint Them In Another Colour

Another great way to add character to your boring windows at home is by changing their colours. You’ll be able to find countless options for window colours in the market today, making it very easy for you to use ones that truly showcase your personality.

One of the most popular ways of decorating your windows is by painting them in a lighter colour than the rest of the room. If your bedroom is painted in dark blue, for example, you can paint your windows in pastel blue or other lighter shades of blue. This trick will make your windows more interesting, while still being cohesive with your home’s existing theme.

When choosing colours for your windows, pay attention to other design elements, such as the décor inside the room and the ambiance you’re going for. It’s important that the colours complement the furniture and other decorations that are in the room because using the wrong colours can make the space look cluttered.

4. Try Out Stained Glass

When you're looking to add character to your windows, you can't go wrong with stained glass windows. This type of windows adds a lot of character to an otherwise boring space, giving it a more unique and personal look that can't be found anywhere else.

There are so many different kinds of stained-glass designs to choose from. From antique to modern to abstract, these windows have been used for hundreds of years by many different people all over the world.

You can buy the original design of the window from your local artist or order a customized design. If you're going for an abstract design, then, you might want to consider using the colours found in nature, such as pink, turquoise, and emerald. Seeing these colours on your windows is a great way to create a connection between your interior and exterior designs.

5. Add Stickers

If you’re looking for the perfect way to add character to your boring windows, using window stickers can be a great option. Using these unique window decals on your windows can make your home stand out from the neighbourhood.

The best part about window decals is that there are many different styles and sizes available to use on your windows, and you can choose ones that are tailored-fit to the size of your windows or to your home’s aesthetics.

Whether you want your windows to have a very simple look or want them to exude a more modern feel, with window stickers, you’ll be able to add character and uniqueness to your windows without having to pay a lot of money.

6.  Use Stencils

Another great option for adding character to your windows is by using stencils. These are available in both vinyl and paper, making it easy to find the perfect stencil that will match your home’s décor.

A stencil is just a plain piece of paper that’s been cut out to make it look like an actual pattern or image. Many people like to purchase pre-cut stencils in order to ensure that they’re buying the right size for their window coverings, but it’s still possible to find them in custom sizes as well.

7.  Upgrade the Frames

One way to add character to your boring windows at home is to purchase new window frames. A lot of times, people will install a window without thinking about the type of frame that it has. There are many different types of frames that can be bought for your windows, including modern frames, traditional frames, glass frames, aluminium frames, steel frames, metal frames, and wood frames. It’s a good idea to research all of these options so that you can decide on which one is going to be best for you and your home.

If your window frames are still new, you can consider painting them instead of replacing them with brand new ones. Depending on your preferences, you can paint the frames in a colour that complements the overall theme of your home or choose hues that contrast to let your windows stand out.

Choose Carefully

Hopefully, after reading this article, you've learned how to add character to boring windows at home, and you have a better idea of what types of colours and designs you want to use. Whatever you decide on, you can be sure that it will bring a new sparkle to your home.


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