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Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Common Home Appliances

Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Common Home Appliances

. 2 min read

Home appliances make your household work easier and efficient, even if they are inexpensive. When you spend good money to purchase your home appliances, you want them to stay for longer. Just as your car needs maintenance services like oil change and tuning to extend its mileage, your home appliances also need some attention for functioning as long as possible. Well maintained appliances can last longer, need fewer repairs, and save energy. All of them can add up to your savings. You cannot use your appliances forever, but you can follow these tips to extend their lifespan.


  • Do not leave the refrigerator coils dirty or dusty. This can restrict the airflow through the unit, which can affect the cooling capacity of the appliance and can cause it to overheat. Get a coil brush or use a handheld vacuum to remove the dust so that the refrigerator doesn’t have to work as hard to produce cooling. The coils are usually at the back of the appliance which can be reached by removing the kick plate of the fridge.
  • The gaskets that form a seal between the fridge doors and fridge conserve energy by keeping the cool air inside and prevent it from leaking. Periodically wipe and clean all the residue from that plastic strip so that it can form a better seal.

Dish Washer:

Like a fridge, dishwasher’s efficiency is also affected by the faulty gasket. Dirt and other buildups on the gasket can cause leakage from the appliance. Therefore, it’s recommended to clean the gasket with soap and water regularly. Moreover, you should carefully place the dishes on the racks. Racks can be damaged from rough use. Dishwasher racks are usually costly so carefully load the dishes in the dishwasher to prevent an unwanted bill. WeReview provides spam-free product reviews and buying advice on kitchen appliances to help you buy the right product.

Washing Machine:

Avoid overloading your machine while washing your clothes. Stuffing your washing machine with an unreasonable amount of clothes means you are forcing it to work more than its capacity. Loaded clothes should be able to move freely in the machine. When you overload the machine with clothes, it works hard to move during the wash cycle. This adds strain on the machine’s motor, thereby reducing its life span. Similarly avoid overloading your clothes dryer it places increased strain on the machine.


One of the frequently used kitchen appliances is the oven. You should clean it carefully. Make sure you do not damage the burners. Do not let the food particles and debris stick around the burners. Most people do not clean the stovetop in the right way. You should not spray the cleaning substance right onto the knobs. This can damage the electrical circuit they are connected to. Apply some cleaning agent onto the rag or paper towel and then swipe it through the surface of the appliance and wipe down the knobs.


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