Expert Tips for a Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation

Expert Tips for a Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation

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Introducing even just a few simple changes to your bathroom can completely transform it, giving it a new, stylish flair. However, complete bathroom makeovers can be on the expensive side, especially if not planned properly. Therefore, you should plan your bathroom renovation in detail and choose simple, yet effective remodelling projects.

Set up a budget

Setting up a budget won’t prevent you from creating a beautiful, high-end look in your bathroom. Instead, it will help you invest in quality projects and spend your money wisely rather than waste it on passing fads. You can choose to spend a bit more on certain bathroom features while practicing responsibility when it comes to the rest of your renovation.

Renovate around the pipework

Bathroom pipework is an important factor to keep in mind when renovating your bathroom. If you decide to change your layout, make sure to work your way around the pipework. Otherwise, you’ll have to move your drainage and pipes, which can bring a range of issues and expenses. Thus, it’s advisable to consult a plumber or to keep your bathroom sink, shower or tub in the same place while moving other bathroom elements.

Introduce more storage units

If you have a small bathroom or a crowded one, you should definitely implement more storage solutions. This will allow you to open up your space and create an airier atmosphere, which will make your bathroom seem more spacious. You can opt for space-saving units, such as built-in shelves, compartments under your sink or floating shelves above your toilet. You should find different ways to maximise usable space, so make sure to pay attention to corners and walls.

Style up your cabinets

You don’t have to add more storage compartments if you already have plenty of them. Instead, you can freshen up your old bathroom cabinets and create a chic ambience. For instance, you can repaint them or refinish the wood. You can also install glass doors on your old cabinets and display your lavish bathroom products. Finally, if you’re skilled in woodworking, you can even carve your wooden cabinets and create intricate patterns and designs.

Add a functional, space-saving tub

Functional, open bathrooms are infinitely stylish and elegant, featuring an open, positive and spa-like atmosphere. Aside from introducing plenty of storage compartments that will keep your bathroom clutter-free and organised, there are other solutions that will help you enhance the functionality of your bathroom design. For instance, sophisticated small baths are the perfect solution for tiny bathrooms because they can easily fit into the design while also bringing a sense of luxury. With a small tub, you can save a lot of space in your bathroom and still create spa-inspired appeal.

Update your lighting

New and improved lighting is another budget-friendly renovation idea that will elevate your bathroom décor while also providing you with a high level of convenience and comfort. Your bathroom should feature functional task lighting that will enable you to perform everyday tasks, so you can install plenty of recessed lights and beautiful lamps. Accent lighting can help you emphasise your bathroom’s beautiful features, and ambient lighting will help you create an enjoyable atmosphere. Thus, make sure to consult an electrician and implement such a layered lighting scheme for the best and most flattering effect. Finally, don’t hesitate to experiment with fixture styles because they can help you create a design statement.

Update your bathroom hardware

Changing the hardware is a simple update for an instant uplift. You can replace your faucets and showerheads, update knobs and pulls and even style up lighting hardware. You can try out different finishes depending on the look you want to create. For instance, gold features can add a touch of opulence to your bathroom while matte black fixtures will create a modern, yet minimalist look. You can also combine copper details with wood, creating dreamy rustic appeal. What’s even better is the fact that this is an affordable and simple update that will completely transform your bathroom.

Give your walls an uplift

From trying a new colour scheme to creating a stunning feature wall, there’s a world of inspiration for renovating your bathroom walls. You can simply apply a fresh coat of paint and you’ll create a new look instantly. Painting a single wall differently will transform it into a stylish feature that will dominate the bathroom. Furthermore, you can also introduce mesmerising wallpaper designs for a stunning effect. Not only is this an affordable idea, but it’s also infinitely trendy, brining you a plethora of chic patterns and styles. Finally, you can also repaint your old tiles or install new ones for a fresh atmosphere.

Beware of possible problems

When renovating your bathroom, you should also keep an eye out for possible problems. If you fail to notice them, they may cause even more serious issues later on that will cost you a fortune to fix. Thus, you should inspect your bathroom for hidden leaks, loose installations, mould or some other issues that may result in serious damage.

Renovating your bathroom can enrich your home experience and elevate your home style, but make sure to plan it properly and in detail to avoid breaking the bank.

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