The Best Whipper Snippers On The Market In Australia (2022)

The Best Whipper Snippers On The Market In Australia (2022)

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With so many options on the market, finding a cost-effective line trimmer that gets the job done can be difficult. That is why we have gone ahead and done the hard work of researching line trimmers in Australia for you!

In Australia, line trimmers are commonly known as whipper snippers. With our recommendations, it should be easy for you to jump in and purchase the whipper snipper that is best for your needs.

Cordless Line Trimmers

Without fueling up or working with difficult extension cords, cordless-electric whipper snippers make grass trimming easier. Because this type of line trimmer runs on batteries, it is friendly to the environment. These days as battery technology has progressed so much, they have a fair whack of power and should run for more than thirty minutes before needing a recharge. Most homeowners today would choose a cordless model over petrol or corded electric models.

Innovative 2-In-1 Line Grass Trimmer for under $130

WORX WG163E Grass Trimmer
WORX WG163E Grass Trimmer

As both a trimmer and edger, the WORX WG163E grass trimmer is a handy tool for gardeners. It easily converts to an edger from a grass trimmer in seconds. And you don't need to use tools to convert it. The tool has a flower guard allowing you to protect your flowers and lawn ornaments.

The WORX WG163E grass trimmer features an adjustable head and handles to ensure versatility and the ability to reach the hardest-to-reach areas while allowing a comfortable cut always. The head can pivot 90 degrees to allow you to work on different terrains. The WORX WG163E grass trimmer comes with two wheels that help increase the stability of the grass trimmer. This feature also helps control the tool while trimming and edging.

This trimmer adjusts to the user's height allowing a comfortable trim. It comes with a Li-Ion battery to ensure you have sufficient power to take care of any trimming and edging task. Additionally, you can take advantage of the Powershare battery platform that allows you to share or interchange the battery with other 20V WORX tools.

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A Lightweight Cordless Line Grass Trimmer for under $130

Bosch Cordless Line Grass Trimmer
Bosch Cordless Line Grass Trimmer

Okay, so this price is without a battery and charger. However, if you have another bosch tool, such as their cordless drills, you can use the same 18v batteries.

The EasyGrass Cut 18 Trimmer is designed for small to medium-sized grass and edge-cutting projects. It offers high-quality grass trimming work thanks to its powerful motor, long battery life, and aerodynamic design. You can use the EasyGrassCut 18 for cutting grass, nettles, and undergrowths.

The trimmer is lightweight and allows ease of use. It weighs only about 1.7kg without a battery and ensures comfortable handling without straining your back. Its lightweight will enable you to transport it from one area to another easily. You can cut at different lengths using the adjustable auxiliary handle. Additionally, you can have precision edge cutting without the need to stop. Rather than turning the head, you need to press on the handle, where you rotate it by 180 degrees.

On one charge, the EasyGrassCut 18, with its 18-volt lithium-ion battery, has enough power to trim edges of close to six tennis courts. Moreover, the trimmer features a Syneon Chip that prolongs the runtime of the tool's battery, meaning you have more work done before charging the battery. A semi-auto feed system will automatically release the trimmer line while the garden tool is switched on, ensuring optimum line length always. This way, you have an uninterrupted cutting that will save you time in the long run.

The EasyGrassCut 18 offers excellent cutting performance and is ideal for the everyday Aussie gardener. It has a powerful motor without making it heavy. The tool features a durable cutting line and an aerodynamic profile, ensuring faster cutting and longer battery run time. Its Syneon Chip helps regulate power from the base depending on the load it receives. The chip also extends the battery's lifetime while ensuring a prolonged battery runtime.

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The Cordless Line Trimmer with included battery for under $230

Makita 18V Line Trimmer
Makita 18V Line Trimmer

The Makita 18V 1 x 3.0Ah Line Trimmer incorporates blinking lights to indicate low battery after forty-five minutes and has a simple charging system. The Makita 18V offers 45 minutes of continuous runtime and comprises a five-position pivoting head, a telescopic shaft, and an adjustable loop handle.

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The Advanced Cordless Line Trimmer for under $230 (Without battery)

The Bosch Cordless Line Trimmer Advanced Grass Cut 36 has a dual-line cutting system that offers high, efficient cut quality. Its low weight helps relieve strain on your arms while working.

Bosch Advanced Grass Cut 36 brings superior cutting power while allowing comfort and easy handling. A semi-automatic line feed ensures that you do the cutting uninterrupted. If you're trimming around plants and trees, a plant protector featured in this line trimmer ensures the safety you need. The integrated plant protector will ensure that your flower beds and plants are left undamaged when trimming around. Since it's cordless, you don't have to untangle cables, thus giving you unrestricted freedom of movement while handling tasks around your garden.

If you're looking forward to having an advanced garden tool that is easy to use and allows you to cut and maintain your lawns in tiptop conditions, you can count on the AdvancedGrassCut 36. Its powerful 36 V lithium-ion battery will ensure longer and more effective trimming.

You can quickly adjust the output of power to adapt to the prevailing cutting medium. The dual-line cutting system can allow you to tackle coarse grass patches using a high-speed setting. You can adjust the power to a low-speed setting for shorter grass lawns.

Additionally, Bosch Line Trimmer AdvancedGrassCut 36 features a wide cutting diameter of 30 cm to help reduce your working time. You will be able to trim larger areas within a short time. Covering the ground quickly makes you enjoy convenience as you use this line trimmer.

An adjustable auxiliary handle and a soft grip ensure comfort and ease of working while using the line trimmer.

An advanced power regulation from the Syneon Chip will ensure the endurance of the trimmer. The Bosch chip can regulate the amount of power from the batter depending on the amount of load subjected to the tool while cutting. Again, the Syneon Chip will get all the power out of the battery, extending your battery's runtime while extending the battery lifetime. AdvancedGrassCut 36 is the garden tool you need for trimming when you want to ensure speed of work, efficiency in battery power use, and trimming of larger areas in a short time.

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The two-speed Cordless Line Trimmer for under $230 (With Battery)

BLACK+DECKER 36V Hedge Trimmer Kit
BLACK+DECKER 36V Hedge Trimmer Kit

The Black+Decker GLC3630 String Trimmer uses a straight shaft for better comfort and manoeuvrability. Straight-shaft models offer better reach and range. It allows you to choose maximum runtime (ECO mode) or power (TURBO mode) and easily converts from trimming to edging.

The BLACK & DECKER Cordless GLC3630L20-XE 36V Grass Trimmer features E-drive technology, a Turbo mode, and sound pressure of 80 Db. It's a powerful grass trimmer that boasts an ergonomic design. This garden tool is ideal for trimming and cutting excess grass that grows around the fence, wall, flowerbed, and pathways. The string trimmer offers a neat finish on lawn borders.

An enhanced E-drive technology powers the strimmer with its high torque gear systems allowing you to get the trimming job done faster due to the improved cut rate. You won't have to worry about the tough overgrown grass areas as it powers through quickly and without clogging.

If you're looking for a grass trimmer tool that offers fast, efficient cutting, you can consider the BLACK & DECKER GLC3630L20-GB 36V trimmer. The strimmer has a 30 cm cutting swathe and a fast cutting speed that can go as high as 8500 RPM for a quicker, more powerful cutting. This string trimmer is ideal for larger gardens and when heavy-duty cutting applications are needed.

Thanks to the power select feature, you can easily optimize the run time while trimming grass. You can select Eco mode if you are doing light-duty grass trimming tasks because they tend to use less power. To tackle tough jobs, go with the Turbo mode to give you optimum power. The automatic single-line feed will automatically feed out the line of the strimmer from the spool whenever needed.

A great feature you will find with this grass trimmer is that it doubles up as a trimming and edging tool. So you can enjoy the convenience of having two tools in one. You easily convert it from a trimmer to an edging tool. A long-lasting lithium battery with no self-discharge ensures it's always ready to use. On a single charge, the 36V strimmer can cut up to about 3750 linear metres, meaning you can accomplish most of the garden tasks without needing to recharge the battery.

The ergonomic design allows comfort and ease of use of the garden tool. It comes with a telescopic handle that allows you to adjust the strimmer height to feel comfortable using it. Additionally, the BLACK & DECKER GLC3630L20-GB 36V trimmer is lightweight, weighing only 3.5kg, so that you can move it from one location to another, and it doesn't feel heavy on your hands while doing the cutting. Moreover, the secondary handle is designed to help distribute the weight evenly so that you don't strain your hands during cutting. The primary handle has a rubber fitting and over-moulded non-slip grip to ensure more comfort and reduce fatigue if you do prolonged grass-cutting jobs.

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The Professional Grade Line Trimmer

Greenworks 40V Cordless String Trimmer
Greenworks 40V Cordless String Trimmer

If you are looking for a high-powered electric lawn trimmer, the Greenworks 13-Inch 40V cordless string trimmer looks great. It has great looks and powerful motors. The product is available on Amazon and has the following features. Note that you have to buy the battery separately.

  • Product dimensions are 152.4 x 24.1 x 35.6 cm and weighs 2.54 Kg
  • Super easy to use with just one push button.
  • Comes with a wheel for portability and easy access to tight corners.
  • Works with 40V G-max and 40V Lithium batteries
  • It offers a 13-inch cutting path

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Curved Shaft Petrol-Powered Line Trimmers

The Petrol Line Trimmer for under $130

Homelite 25cc Petrol Fixed Shaft Line Trimmer
Homelite 25cc Petrol Fixed Shaft Line Trimmer

The Homelite 25cc Petrol Fixed Shaft Line Trimmer only comes with a 2mm trimming line. Homelite offers a one-year replacement warranty on this model for domestic use. To be honest, this is NOT a model we recommend, but you won't find anything else at this price, so we had to include it as an option here. It will make good work of small lawns and is lightweight at under 4kg.

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The Japanese Whipper Snipper for under $200

Makita Petrol Line Trimmer
Makita Petrol Line Trimmer

You get what you pay for, and the ER2600L Makita 25.7cc two Stroke Petrol Line Trimmer is undoubtedly a step up from the Homelite 25cc. It incorporates a catalytic muffler to reduce the noise. Because it is two-stroke, it puts out a lot of power for its capacity at 0.83kW. But beware, a two-stroke engine won't last as long as a four-stroke engine. Weighing in at 4.3kg, this is still a lightweight model. And using a 2.4mm line, it is probably worth twice the price of the Homelite model in the long run. It's Japanese technology. However, Makita products are made in China now.

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The Bargain Petrol Line Trimmer for under $330

Rover RS2600 Curved Shaft Line Trimmer
Rover RS2600 Curved Shaft Line Trimmer

The Rover RS2600 Curved shaft line trimmer delivers high-powered results for complex lawns while remaining lightweight at 5.2kg. It has a bump line release to release a pre-measured line for continuous operation. Like the Makita above, it comes with a spring-assisted starter. While this unit is not something you would find many of our busy lawn mowing professionals using, it certainly is high quality for the price and very suitable for use by homeowners. The two-piece shaft allows several different attachments to run from the same powerhead.

It comes with a two-year warranty for domestic use. You cannot buy this one from Bunnings, but that's really an advantage as it is a model you could get serviced by a large dealer network.

Coming in a little cheaper than the two-stroke Makita, it's our pick of the two-stroke petrol models due to the swappable tools and serviceability.

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Lightweight Four Stroke Line Trimmer for under $300

Makita 4 Stroke Petrol Line Trimmer
Makita 4 Stroke Petrol Line Trimmer

The Makita 24.5cc utilises a curved shaft. Being powered by a four-stroke engine, it actually produces less power than the Makita two-stroke model above. It is a tad heavier, but 0.77kW will certainly be enough for everyday domestic use. The slight drop in power is more than made up for by how easier it is to start, the reduced noise, and the increased safety - the engine starts at an idling speed so that the cutting tool does not rotate on start. It also has a multi-position engine lubrication system, enabling the engine to be inclined to any angle during continuous operation.

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Electric Line Trimmers (Corded)

The least expensive option is to go with a corded-electric line trimmer. These models function well for small lawns due to their lightweight and quiet functionality. With the limitations of a cord, they are recommended for smaller gardens.

The 'Cheapo' Electric Line Trimmer

Ozito 500W 290mm Electric Line Trimmer
Ozito 500W 290mm Electric Line Trimmer

The Ozito 500W 290mm Electric Line Trimmer is great for dealing with lawn edges, thanks to its rotating head. It comes with an automatic line feed; at $49, it's a true budget model. It's not something you could use effectively on a seriously overgrown lawn, but it's great value for a very small garden.

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The RYOBI branded Whipper Snipper for under $120

RYOBI Electric Line Trimmer
RYOBI Electric Line Trimmer

If you are looking for the trusted RYOBI brand, their 500W 300mm Electric Line Trimmer is a decent corded line trimmer. This electric line trimmer uses an auto feed spool and pivoting head to simplify lawn trimming. The moulded grip also reduces the vibration typical of line trimmers for enhanced comfort.

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Other Types of Cutting Edge

The models we've recommended for you have all been line trimmers, but there is a second type of cutting edge that we haven't mentioned yet. Brush cutters are similar to line trimmers in functionality but vastly more powerful machines capable of heavy-duty lawn work. They can clear high grass through to small trees.

While line trimmers typically utilise nylon cord to trim grass, brush cutters incorporate solid blades. This allows for more effective trimming through tough grasses and plants.

For more heavy-duty situations such as wooded areas or a highly unkempt lawn, any brush cutter will clear the area better than a line trimmer. The job will be completed faster and more efficiently.

In the video below, RYOBI outlines some of its product details.

The video is also helpful if you have already bought a whipper snipper, as it offers tips on dealing with trimming lines.

Power options

While less environmentally friendly than the other two types of line trimmers, petrol-powered line trimmers are ultimately the most powerful. That is the main reason Professional gardeners generally use line trimmers that are petrol powered. They are less polluting than petrol mowers of the past and are still the best option on the market for making quick work of very larger areas of grass. You certainly won't have to plug in again or recharge your batteries to also get around your nature strip. The modern models (especially the 4-stroke ones) run smoother than previous petrol-powered mowing appliances.

However, Line trimmers can also be purchased in corded electric or cordless battery-powered models, and we will cover some of all types. You should certainly consider electric or battery-powered options for general domestic use. If the loud noise or pollution of petrol is an issue, battery-powered or corded line trimmers are a great option, and of course, non-petrol models do not require engine maintenance.

Bent or Straight Shaft: Which Is Better?

One distinguishing feature between types of line trimmers is whether the unit has a bent shaft or a straight shaft. This makes a difference in price and manoeuvrability, so it is important to consider when purchasing a line trimmer.

Straight-shaft models are the better option for a further reach or for very tall users. In our research and experimentation with both grass trimmers, straight-shaft trimmers are beneficial in difficult-to-reach areas, while curved shafts are better at edging.

The bent-shaft trimmer is a much more affordable option. For less intense lawn trimming needs, this is a cost-effective alternative to pricier options that will do the job most of the time.

If you are wondering why straight shaft trimmers cost more than curved shaft trimmers, here's a video explaining it:

Two-piece or one-piece shaft?

A two-piece or split shaft design enables the same engine to power other attachments such as a lawn edger. For domestic users and regular usage, this is a good idea to save money and shed space, and a two-piece shaft would be a feature.

For a lawn care professional who generally carries more than one similar tool in their trailer, having a single-piece shaft eliminates another area for wear and failure, so commercial-level trimmers have a one-piece shaft as standard.

Line Attachment

There are three ways in which the cutting line is attached to the hub. Bump feed is the most common. As the line wears down, you bump the underside of the hub on the ground, releasing a regulated length of the line.

There is also the option of automatic feed. These are typically only found on electric whipper snippers. They use a counterbalance on the line weight to detect when a new line must be dispensed. They are not so reliable on cheaper models and end up more hassle than a bump feed.

Manual feed is the simplest option, and users must attach a set amount of straight, reinforced lines that must be replaced when worn out. This strong line will last longer and cut better than the same length of the standard trimmer line, and is quick to replace; however, if you have a thicker line, then you're going to get cut much worse if you have an accident.

We hope you have found our research useful in finding an excellent line trimmer; please share the article if you have.


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