9 Of The Best Lawn Scarifiers On The Market In Australia (2022)

9 Of The Best Lawn Scarifiers On The Market In Australia (2022)

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Lawn thatch is a dense mat of dead grass, clippings, and dead insect matter, which accumulates on the lawn over time. Scarifying a lawn at steady intervals ensures the free flow of water, vital nutrients, and oxygen and encourages growth for healthier and thicker turf.

The following mechanical Scarifiers otherwise known as 'De-Thatchers' will help you scarify your lawn, many will also aerate too.

Greenworks Tools Scarifier

Are you looking for a lawn scarifier that is easy to use and lightweight? Go for this product from Greenworks Tools because it is ideal for homeowner use. With this electric scarifier, you can start scarifying instantly, free, and without cables, however when buying the model, the charger and battery are not included, the 40V rechargeable batteries are compatible with different products from greenworks that also use a 40V battery


The scarifier tool has two cylinders that both aerate and scarify to ensure a beautiful and healthy lawn.

There is new growth for the lawn with the assistance of the aerator of 36cm wide, where leaves, moss dead, and grass can be removed. This ensures good absorption of light, water, and nutrients. The tool has a speed of 3900 rpm and the central working height, which can be adjusted in five steps in millimeters from between -12 over -8 and -5 and 0 and +5.

Twenty steel blades scarify the soil and act deeply and vertically to improve oxygenation nutrient uptake and drainage. You will get four wheels, which give safe support when using. Also, the wheels are wider to offer greater maneuverability, even on irregular terrains.

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You can purchase the 40v battery here...

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Einhell Cordless GC-SC 36/31 Li-Solo Power 3in1 X-Change Scarifier

This cordless scarifier from Einhell is that it tidies up the entire lawn and then brings it into great shape. Aerating, clearing, or scarifying out moss, makes you take care of the garden straight away without a cable and with flexibility. In the same way, this device is recommended for a lawn of about 300 m² in size.


This model comes without a charger and battery, which are sold separately, however the 18 V batteries can be used with other PXC devices.

The presence of large wheels and the robust housing with impact-resistant plastic facilitates movement and durability.

Sixteen scarifier blades help to cut through vegetation, the blades are driven by a powerful series-wound motor. There are 8 double blades mounted on a blade cylinder with durable stainless steel material. You can adjust a working depth to three levels, and the handle is adjustable, which can also be folded down to save on storage space.

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Einhell Electric GC-SA 1231/1 Adjustable Working Depth Scarifier

This lawn scarifier from Einhell is a reliable and powerful device that does the work of scarifying small or medium-sized plots. It comes with the combination of a hollow tine and an electric rake that allows easy and quick maintenance of the area to about 300 m². You get eight high-grade double stainless-steel blades, which thoroughly remove moss and weeds right from the roots.


Forty-two stainless steel claws effectively aerate the soil while protecting the lawn. It has a 1,200-watt inverse-speed motor, which delivers powerful torque for consistently good results and continuous working progress. Because of the adjustable working depth this scarifier can be adjusted to the needs of vegetation and soil.

The additional standby position helps reliably protect the underground and the tools. Thanks to the extensive wheels, it facilitates working in challenging terrain and helps to save the lawn. Equally important, this device comes with a robust housing with high-quality and shock-resistant plastics. Also, it has a collector bag, which has a volume of 28 liters. It comes with a two-year warranty.

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Hyundai 2-in-1 1500W Electric Height Adjustable Lawn Scarifier

Now you can revitalize your spongy, dull, and patchy grass to healthy green grass with this lawn scarifier from Hyundai. Notably, it has 20 hardened steel blades designed to remove thatch, dead grass, and moss right down from the roots. You will get a powerful 1500watt motor that gets the work done quickly, combined with an operating width of 360mm. This will make the ground aerated very fast, improving the grass growth and lawn drainage and protecting the lawn from diseases and waterlogging.


This device weighs about 11.4kg, making it comfortable to push from place to place in the garden, it has five adjustable scarifying heights ranging between -12mm and +10mm, which can be controlled from the adjustment lever. This makes you control the lawn's finish and can help to ensure all moss, weeds, and thatches are removed starting from the roots.

A 45-liter grass collector box help to collect moss and weeds as you go, which means no mess when clearing up and makes the work to be done very fast.

This lawn scarifier is powered by the mains electricity, making it low maintenance and cheaper than many cordless models. This device leaves you with a green, healthy, and beautiful carpet of lawn and saves you numerous attempts at raking away moss.

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WOLF-Garten 30cm 1200w VS302E Electric Lawn Scarifier

Raking debris and moss is made easy with this WOLF-Garten product, promoting healthier growth. It opens up the ground for good drainage, stronger and deeper roots are also fed, and fertilizers can be absorbed quickly. To maintain the working depth, you can use the four-stage depth adjustment that enhances flexibility. Likewise, to set a lever, pull it upward and choose the desired depth.


The collapsible handles make it easy to fold the device down to a compact size to ensure easy storage. The two-stage safety operation button prevents accidental starting. The thermal cut-out prevents damage and overheating of the motor. You get a foldable and height-adjustable handlebar.

This electric plug powered machine comes with a 10m power cable that allows you to reach the farthest parts of the garden. It is very safe to start the machine because you need to press and grip a safety button, pull a starting lever in the direction of the handle, and then release a safety button.

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Hyundai 1800W Electric Height- Adjustable Lawn Scarifier

The Hyundai is a powerful and low-maintenance electric lawn scarifier with a 10m power cable. This device weighs about 13.6kg, making it comfortable and easy to push around the garden. It comes with a working width of 380mm, which makes the ground aerated within no time.

The scarifier has five adjustable scarifying heights that range between -12mm and +10mm and a 45L grass collector box, which collects moss and weeds as you go. This means no mess when clearing up to get the job done very quickly. It has incredibly low maintenance where you do not worry about dealing with the stale fuel or mixing oils. What is more, it comes with the 1800W/1.8kW motor, getting work done quickly.

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AL-KO Energy Flex SF 4036 Battery 40V lawn Scarifier

AL-KO has come up with this lawn Scarifier that is lightweight and easy to start. It has a working width of 36 cm, ideal for small lawns, and a compact design that ensures pleasant working. It comes with 2-axis guidance to help with driving stability. You can adjust the depth of the scarifier, to five different settings.


The model has twelve sturdy steel blades that make it durable and ensure longer life and a 50L collector. It has a 3-in-1 function, including scarify, grass catch, and aerate.

No petrol or cables are required because the zero maintenance and brushless motor is power-driven by the lithium-ion battery, offering odour-free and quiet working. The charger and battery are not included with this scarifier, you must buy them separately.

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BLACK & DECKER 30cm B/DGD300 600W Lawn Scarifier

The BLACK+DECKER model comes with a 30 cm raking width ideal for a medium garden to do the work easily. The three metal tines row aids durability and performance. There is the safety lock-off switch, which switches off the model when you release the handle.


This device has a large grass collecting box that ensures easy grass disposal and collection. You get a cable management system that prevents the cable from getting caught within a tool mechanism.

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Sun Joe 12-Amp 13-Inch AJ801E Electric Scarifier

The Sun Joe lawn scarifier is perfect for revitalizing mid to small-sized lawns. The device is powered by a strong 12-amp motor and a path wide of 12.6-inch in just a single move to get the job done fast. The Air boost technology maximizes thatch pickup with the spring steel tines, which stay sharp for long to ensure reliable performance.


A 5-position depth control knob is available that tailors the raking depth from 10mm below the earth to 10mm above the soil, depending on the lawn's scarifying/aerating needs.

Furthermore, it comes with the air boost technology that capitalizes on thatch pickup with the spring steel tines, which stay sharp for long to ensure reliable performance. The model has a thatch collection bag that can ensure easy disposal. You can start the lawn scarifier instantly with just a push of the button. Similarly, it is designed with a safety switch that prevents accidental starting.

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