8 Best Gaming Desks in Australia (2024)

8 Best Gaming Desks in Australia (2024)

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If you're a pro gamer, getting a gaming desk is essential to prevent the health implications of prolonged sitting or standing. A well-planned gaming workspace helps maintain your well-being and makes playing games fun and comfortable.

In this guide, we discuss one of the crucial components of a gaming workspace; gaming desks. We evaluate the best options available in Australia and what to look out for when making a purchase.

Our Top Picks

Short on time? Here are the top three gaming desks in Australia:

Secretlab Magnus Pro/Pro XL

Best high-quality, height-adjustable gaming desk with varied customisation options and a multi-coloured magnetic LED lighting system.

Desky Alpha Dual Gaming Desk

Best Australian-made sit-stand gaming desk that can accommodate three monitors. It's exceptionally stable with essential gaming features.

EUREKA GD0089-BK Gaming Desk

Best cheap gaming desk with controllable RGB fibre optic lighting, multiple customisable options, and other essential gaming features.

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Top 8 Gaming Desks for Australians — In-Depth Comparisons and Analysis

Our evaluation of the best gaming desks in Australia considered a comprehensive range of factors to ensure a thorough and informed assessment. These include durability, ergonomic design, cable management solutions, ample surface area, and adaptability to different gaming setups.

1. Secretlab Magnus Pro/Pro XL

Best Overall Gaming Desk

Secretlab Magnus Pro/Pro XL
Secretlab Magnus Pro/Pro XL
Type: Adjustable rectangular
Desk height: 65 – 125 cm
Weight capacity: 120 kg
Warranty: 5 years

The Secretlab Magnus Pro/Pro XL gaming desks are the ultimate choice to take your gaming experience to new heights. The Pro and Pro XL are the two sizes Secretlab offers, with the Pro XL 18% larger in size than the Pro. These desks are height-adjustable, allowing you to transition between sitting and standing positions with a height range between 65 and 125 cm.

The Magnus Pro Series offers a fully integrated power supply column and built-in socket that lets you power your computer and desk simultaneously. The control panel is also seamlessly integrated into the edge of the desktop, providing a sleek and clutter-free appearance. Safety is also a priority for Secretlab, as the desk is equipped with an anti-collision detection system.

Secretlab's major offering, besides the Magnus Pro's durability, lies in its wide range of customisation options to match your gaming setup. You can choose from 11 variants of MAGPAD desk mats. The desk also features a multi-coloured magnetic LED lighting system that can be integrated into your smart home using the Nanoleaf ecosystem for a more immersive gaming experience.

Alternatively, you can control the LED lighting with voice commands via Google Home or Apple HomeKit, providing you with convenient and intuitive control over your gaming environment.


  • Clean, sturdy, and durable
  • Sleek built-in control panel
  • Full-length cable management tray
  • Magnetic LED strips
  • Dual motor setup


  • Expensive with costly add-ons
  • Requires two-person assembly

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2. Desky Alpha Dual Gaming Desk

Best Australian-Made Gaming Desk

Desky Alpha Dual Sit-Stand Gaming Desk
Desky Alpha Dual Sit-Stand Gaming Desk
Desk type: Adjustable rectangular
Desk height: 60 - 125 cm
Weight capacity: 140 kg
Warranty: 10 years

The Alpha Dual Sit-Stand gaming desk is an adjustable standing desk with a height range between 60 and 125 cm and four programmable height preset options. The desk has a surface space of 70 inches (177.8 cm), accommodating up to three monitors concurrently. Desky also offers 47-inch and 59-inch options if you have a more simple gaming setup or are a casual gamer.

Desky's Alpha Dual Gaming Desk gaming desk offers enough leg space for additional hardware and cable management channels. Plus, like most other products from Desky, the Alpha Dual is exceptionally stable and doesn't wobble much at all. The gaming desk features child-locking prevention, a USB charging port, anti-collision detection, and is easy to assemble, requiring no extra tools.

Desky also offers the option to choose between a straight front edge and an 'ergo edge' and a range of additional accessories, including a 4-plug power board. The Ergo Edge (see in the product image above) allows you to position yourself closer to the screen. We had no bad encounters with our evaluation of the sit-stand gaming desk. But in the unlikely event of any problems, you are covered by a comprehensive decade-long warranty.


  • Robust, wobble-free build
  • Fast motorised height adjustment
  • 10-year warranty


  • Limited colour options
  • Expensive, but worth it

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3. Thermaltake Level 20 RGB BattleStation

Best Gaming Desk for Casual Gamers

Thermaltake Level 20 RGB BattleStation
Thermaltake Level 20 RGB BattleStation
Desk type: Adjustable rectangular
Desk height: 70 - 110 cm
Weight capacity: 150 kg
Warranty: 2 years

The Thermaltake Level 20 RGB BattleStation is a simple gaming desk suitable for beginners. It features a standout iTake Gaming Engine, which provides remarkable synchronisation with other RGB components, enabling a harmonised light show across your gaming rig. This simple aesthetics and less intrusive construction make it ideal for casual gamers.

Being height adjustable is also ideal for gamers who are conscious about posture and ergonomics. With a push of a button, you can transition from sitting to standing gameplay, allowing for longer and more comfortable sessions. Thermaltake's height can be adjusted from exactly 69.85 cm to 109.98 cm, and it's control panel includes four height presets for convenient height adjustments.

The beginner-friendly gaming desk also features an expansive 165 cm surface that gives you room to set up multiple monitors. It has a sturdy build, a full-surface mouse pad, and a cable management system to keep your gaming workspace less cluttered. Plus, the dynamic lighting effects feature 8 dynamic lighting effects with 20 customisable zones.


  • Sturdy build
  • Dynamic lighting effects
  • Full-surface mouse pad
  • Cable management system


  • Pricey
  • Lacks premium aesthetics

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4. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Best Gaming Desk for 3 Monitors

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk
Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk
Desk type: Adjustable rectangular
Max Desk height: 71 - 81 cm
Weight capacity: 80 kg
Warranty: 2 years

The Arozzi Arena gaming desk is a thoughtfully designed desk with a spacious 48-inch desktop surface that can accommodate up to three monitors simultaneously. The desk offers adjustable height options, allowing you to raise or lower it by up to 10 cm from its base height, and has an attractive curved design that adds to its aesthetics and ergonomic advantages.

We found the gaming desk is exceptionally sturdy for its size when well-positioned While it has a much lower weight capacity, Arozzi offers an enjoyable gaming experience with the necessary ergonomic features expected in a higher-end gaming desk. It has three cutouts for cable management and five colours to choose from during purchase.

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is also pretty easy to set up and can be done in less than an hour following the attached manual. The package, on purchase, includes an assembling guide to help assemble, two full-surface desk mats, the desk, and all required assembling tools.


  • Multiple colour options available
  • Full surface coverage with mouse pad
  • Spacious surface for up to three monitors
  • Water-resistant desk surface


  • Manual height adjustment
  • Limited surface weight capacity (80 kg)
  • Short 2-year warranty

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5. Seven Warrior 60-Inch Gaming Desk

Best Fixed-Height Gaming Desk

Seven Warrior 60-Inch Gaming Desk
Seven Warrior 60-Inch Gaming Desk 
Desk type: Rectangular
Desk height: 74.93 cm
Weight capacity: 150 kg

The Seven Warrior 60-inch gaming desk has a carbon fibre texture finish which is waterproof and easy to clean. The desk surface is supported by steel and can accommodate up to 150 kg of gaming devices and accessories. It also features a full-surface mouse pad that offers excellent convenience and two grommets for cable management.

Seven Warrior’s gaming desk package includes a USB gaming handle rack, a cup holder, a fully-covered mouse pad, installation tools, a manual, and the gaming desk itself. The USB gaming handle rack has four charging ports that allow you to charge other peripherals. The gaming desk also has a double headphone hook that can hold your gaming headphones.

Like other gaming desks on this list, you can use the gaming desk for other purposes besides gaming. It isn’t overly colourful and can blend well in a working environment or home office. On the downside, the desk wobbles slightly at maximum capacity, which is almost unnoticeable. However, if that's a deal breaker, consider Desky’s Alpha Dual Gaming Desk for its sturdiness and height-adjustable features.


  • Affordable price
  • Simple assembly with included tools
  • Full coverage of mouse pad surface


  • Not height-adjustable
  • Slight wobbling at maximum capacity

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6. TIYASE Gaming Desk

Best Gaming Desk for Beginners

TIYASE Gaming Desk
TIYASE Gaming Desk
Desk type: Rectangular
Desk height: 76.96 cm
Weight capacity: 150 kg
Warranty: 12 months

The TIYASE Gaming Desk is a good blend of style, function, and ergonomic design. With its spacious 140 cm tabletop, you have ample room to set up your monitors, consoles, and gaming accessories without a hitch. The ergonomic front arc surface, made from high-pressure MDF PVC laminate, ensures a comfortable armrest, preventing scratches and guarding against water damage.

The gaming desk has a monitor riser that can accommodate dual monitors, helping you maintain an ergonomically correct posture and reduce eyestrain. The bottom storage shelves are perfect for housing your CPU and other gaming accessories. Above the tabletop, an expansive hutch offers additional storage space, while its dedicated speaker racks ensure your audio system is secure and accessible.

TIYASE's gaming desk is strong and durable, with a metal frame that can hold up to 150 kg. It's stable and less likely to wobble when gaming or working. The desk includes all the necessary tools and instructions to help you assemble it easily. Plus, there's a customer service team ready to help you if you need it.


  • Durable construction
  • Monitor riser and front arc surface
  • Ample storage options
  • Easy assembly with tools


  • Not height adjustable

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7. SEVEN WARRIOR L Shaped Gaming Desk

Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

SEVEN WARRIOR L-Shaped Gaming Desk
SEVEN WARRIOR L-Shaped Gaming Desk
Desk type: L-shaped (Reversible)
Desk height: 73.66 - 74.93 cm
Weight capacity: 79.83 kg

The SEVEN WARRIOR L-shaped gaming desk has X-shaped legs for enhanced stability. Paired with adjustable leg pads, this desk offers good support, even on uneven terrains. The desk has a charging station, i.e., a built-in power strip with 4 outlets, 2 USB ports, and a Type C port that makes charging easier and allows you to power up to eight gaming devices or accessories simultaneously.

The desk also has RGB LED lights that enhance your gaming experience. With a range of 13 modes accessible through a user-friendly APP, you can customise your gaming environment according to your mood or game. There is also a memory function that ensures the lights resume from the last mode, providing consistency.

SEVEN WARRIOR's L-shaped gaming desk has reversible installation, transforming it from a gaming corner desk to a long double desk, accommodating two users with ease. Along with a full monitor stand for ergonomic viewing, it also features a 4-tier storage shelf, adjustable to the left or right side, to cater to your diverse storage needs.


  • Integrated power strip
  • Customisable LED light settings
  • L-shaped and long desk configurations
  • Good storage options
  • Adjustable leg pads


  • Limited weight capacity
  • Assembly is time-consuming
  • Not suitable for compact spaces

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8. EUREKA ‎GD0089-BK Gaming Desk

Best Cheap Gaming Desk

EUREKA ‎GD0089-BK Gaming Desk
EUREKA ‎GD0089-BK Gaming Desk
Desk type: Rectangular
Desk height: 76.8 cm
Weight capacity: 150 kg

The EUREKA ‎GD0089-BK Gaming Desk doesn't look so cheap with its controllable RGB fibre optic lighting. The Colonel GIP-44B model features an optical core material covered with transparent flame-retardant plastic to house the lighting system and boost the desk's longevity. On purchase, you choose from multiple customisable options, including six solid colours and their sequential change, a vibrant RGB cycle, and a striking strobe effect for an immersive gaming experience.

The affordable gaming desk has a sturdy, anti-rust I-shaped polygon leg design coated with a metallic finish to create a refined texture. Its table surface features a smooth, carbon fibre texture made from an eco-friendly P2PB board. EUREKA's desk also has two 50 mm cable grommets for efficient cable management, premium rubber locking collars, and height-adjustable feet to ensure stability on any surface.

With dimensions of 112cm in length, 60cm in width, and 76.8cm in height, it provides a good enough gaming area for your PC and peripherals. Plus, it comes bundled with a tailored Eureka Ergonomic Mouse Pad and a gamer's gear bundle, including a game controller rack with four USB charging ports, a cup holder, and a double headset hook.


  • Affordable pick
  • Advanced controllable RGB lighting
  • Eco-friendly and spacious gaming surface
  • Good cable management
  • Additional storage options


  • No height adjustability
  • Limited desk size

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BONUS: Couchmaster CYCON² Black Edition

Couchmaster CYCON² Black Edition
Couchmaster CYCON² Black Edition
Desk type: U-shape
Desk height: 16 cm
Item weight: 4.19 kg

The Couchmaster is not a gaming desk. It’s a simple, comfortable piece of furniture that allows you to play games from a lag-free USB 3.0 hub in the comfort of your couch without moving your workstation around. CYCON² Black Edition is the higher-end model of all Couchmaster models. It features six fast-charging USB 3.0 ports, three storage pockets, a large mouse pad, and side cushions that can be removed and adjusted to find the most comfortable gaming experience.

Couchmaster’s CYCON² also has a cable management system that is not available on previous models. The initial design required that you pass a cable to your desktop for connectivity and another to a wall socket for power, but the new design features a single cable that establishes a single connection between your PC or gaming devices and the unit.

Compared to other lap desks, the Couchmaster features high-quality foams and offers enough surface space to hold a PC or laptop. It removes the need for an ergonomic chair in light gaming workstations and allows you to use your lounge television for your gaming session. It is lightweight, fits well even on a bed or armchair, and can be easily stowed after gaming.


  • High-quality ergonomics
  • Latent cushions and memory foam
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Efficient cable management
  • Lag-free USB and quick charging ports


  • Tricky to get off the couch
  • Expensive price tag

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How to Choose the Best Gaming Desk

Choosing the Best Gaming Desk
Choosing the Best Gaming Desk

To buy a gaming desk that complements your station, you first need to understand your personal preferences. For example, gamers with an itch for aesthetics can compromise a little functionality and not be too wary about it. In addition to these personal preferences, here are other factors to consider:

#1. Size

Evaluating the size of your choice of gaming desk has to do with two main ideas:  

  1. Your workstation: Gamers with very little room to spare must measure their workstations against their desired gaming desks to ensure they fit perfectly.
  2. Weight capacity: Most gamers get a gaming desk without considering their workstation. There is no use for a feature-rich gaming desk that doesn't suit or can't carry your devices and accessories.

Your gaming desk should be able to accommodate your gaming devices while offering plenty of surface space for peripherals.

Expert tip:

When evaluating a gaming desk's size, prioritise length over width to avoid unnecessary gaps behind your monitors. Efficient use of space enhances functionality and aesthetics.

#2. Shape

Gaming desks come in various sizes and shapes. Select one that fits your space, leaving enough room to move around freely. Where you have a small space to spare, L-shaped desks come in handy, while regular rectangular desk sizes are ideal for large workstations.

Also, look out for corner and L-shape desks as they offer more surface space than rectangular gaming desks. They allow you to move swiftly and navigate from one part of your desk to another.

#3. Adjustability

Gaming desks should be adjustable to allow you to choose desk heights that offer the most comfortable gaming experience. Height-adjustable desks also allow you to sit or stand while playing. Having the option to find the correct sitting or standing position boosts your chances of achieving great results.

Health-wise, being able to alternate between sitting and standing is beneficial to your body. The behaviour allows you to break sedentary activities and avoid health complications associated with either extreme. The best gaming desk should be fully ergonomic.

#4. Storage

Storage adds little to a gaming desk's functionality. Most gamers leave the essential devices for gameplay on their gaming desks. However, depending on the game, they can be handy when you temporarily put some peripherals away.

Storage spaces also allow you to keep extra accessories, including batteries, consoles, and snacks. Where you have double use for the gaming desk, such as school, you can keep your notebooks, textbooks, and other resources in your gaming desk storage area.

Expert note:

While routing cables behind the desk is an option, incorporating effective cable management with built-in features like slots, holes, cable nets, and trays can significantly improve organisation and contribute to a tidy gaming environment.

#5. Material

Whether it’s glass, steel, bamboo, or natural wood, consider the long-term and short-term usage of the gaming desk. Wooden gaming desks offer more durability than glass desks, but if you want certain aesthetics to complement your workstation, glass gaming desks might suit you better. On the other hand, natural wood and steel-made gaming desks offer more durability.

#6. Price

Pricing matters when choosing a gaming desk for your workstation. Naturally, it should be a key thing to consider. But considering price over essential critical qualities required of a gaming desk can leave you with an option that adds no value to your gaming experience and health overall. By all means, have a budget before going to market, but always choose value over price.

15 Useful Gaming Desk Accessories

Gaming Desk Accessories
Gaming Desk Accessories

Looking to further enhance your gaming workstation for a more immersive gaming experience? Consider the following essential, advanced, and innovative gaming accessories:

Essential Accessories:

  1. Gaming Chair: Ergonomic gaming chairs are the cornerstone of any serious gaming setup. They provide enhanced comfort for those long gaming sessions.
  2. RGB Lighting: Customisable RGB lighting adds a touch of flair to your gaming setup. You can integrate these lighting systems with your gaming desk for a mesmerising and immersive gaming experience.
  3. Monitor Mounts and Stands: Adjustable monitor mounts help maximise desk space and provide optimal screen positioning. Choosing the right stand can enhance your gaming experience by reducing neck strain and improving viewing angles.
  4. Headset Stands and Hangers: Stylish headset stands and wall-mounted hangers can help organise your gaming space. They provide a dedicated place for your headset, ensuring it's always within reach.
  5. Cable Management Solutions: Cable clips, trays, and sleeves help maintain a clutter-free desk. Organising your cables improves the aesthetics of your gaming area and enhances efficiency.

Advanced Accessories:

  1. Gaming Mousepads: Large and extended mousepads provide a seamless surface for gaming movements. Specialty mousepads with built-in wireless charging and customisable lighting can further enhance your gaming experience.
  2. Keyboard Enhancements: Mechanical keyboards offer tactile feedback and durability, making them popular among gamers. Likewise, keycap sets and wrist rests can provide a personalised and ergonomic typing experience.
  3. Desk Organisers and Storage: Drawers, shelves, and organisers help maintain a tidy desk surface to help you focus more on the game and less on finding your gear.
  4. Webcam Mounts and Lighting: Adjustable mounts provide optimal webcam positioning, while ring lights and ambient lighting can create a professional streaming setup.
  5. Acoustic Solutions: Soundproofing panels and acoustic foam improve audio quality, while premium speakers and headphone stands provide an immersive gaming audio experience.

Unique and Innovative Accessories

  1. Desk Planters: Desk plants create a calming gaming environment. There are many creative ways to incorporate greenery into your gaming desk, from small potted plants to miniature gardens.
  2. Custom Mouse Bungees: Mouse bungees provide a cable management solution for precise mouse movements. DIY options can add a personal touch to your gaming performance.
  3. Desk-Mounted Cup Holders: Cup holders keep your refreshments at arm's reach, preventing spills on your precious gear. Choose a design that seamlessly integrates with your gaming desk.
  4. Articulating Desk Arms: Multiple monitors can expand your gaming setup, and articulating arms provide the flexibility to position these screens as needed.
  5. Gaming Desk Decor: Wall decals, posters, and desk accessories add a personalised touch to your gaming space, helping you create a gaming environment that reflects your style and personality.

Incorporating these gaming desk accessories will optimise your gaming setup and elevate your overall gaming experience. Each accessory contributes to making your gaming workspace functional and visually impressive.

Gaming Desks or Office Desks?

NorthDay EverDesk
NorthDay EverDesk (An Example Office Desk)

Gaming desks are designed to enhance your gaming experience, providing more functionality and comfort than traditional desks. They are optimised for prolonged gaming sessions, aiming to improve gaming performance. They have exclusive features like RBG lighting, headphone racks, built-in full-surface mouse pads, etc.

While both gaming desks and ergonomic office desks aim to offer support and reduce health complications associated with long hours of use, there are notable differences between the two. Ergonomic office desks focus on features that enhance productivity and efficiency for workers, while gaming desks prioritise custom features that create an immersive gaming environment.

Gaming desks also come in more shapes than traditional office desks, which are often rectangular. This includes cubicle rectangles, foldable, L-shaped straight or corner, L-shaped curved corner, and curved rectangular desks. It's essential to choose a shape that best fits your available space and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions on choosing and using a gaming desk.

Can you use a gaming desk for work?

Yes, gaming desks and everyday work desks are similar; however, gaming desks are modified versions of the usual work desk. Some gaming desks come with added customisations and features like built-in USB ports, headphones rack, and other customisations made convenient for gaming. Still, you can use them for regular work comfortably.

What makes the gaming desk different from the ordinary office desk?

Simple, it’s customisation. Gaming desks are explicitly made to accommodate specific gaming needs. Whether the build is an L-shape or sit-stand, desks are made available in the market with added customisations of additional USB cable ports and other accessories to hold gaming rigs and accessories.

What is an ideal gaming desk height?

Choosing the best desk height varies for each user, as it has to offer the most ergonomic design - not too short and not too long to avoid any health risk issues. Use our desk height calculator to find the ideal height range for your gaming desk.

What is the minimum weight capacity a gaming desk should have?

As a rule of thumb, your gaming desk should at least be able to carry around 50 to 100 kg since most monitors and other accessories for gaming would be within that range. However, if you wish to maximise your gaming experience fully, opt for a desk with a bigger weight capacity to set up dual monitor PCs and other extended accessories.

Ready to Win More?

Tired of losing your Fortnite battles? It's time to level up your gaming setup with a specialised gaming desk. Gain the winning edge with a desk that offers superior features designed for gaming excellence.

While a regular desk may provide enough space and comfort, it simply can't match the immersive gaming experience that a dedicated gaming desk offers. Upgrade your gaming space to unleash your full gaming potential.

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