10 Best Lawn Mowers on the Market in Australia (2022)

10 Best Lawn Mowers on the Market in Australia (2022)

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Buying a new lawn mower that’s perfect for you and your garden can be a minefield with so many varieties, makes, and choices out there these days. Do you pick petrol or electric? How about hand or ride on? Which is the best? And what’s a good value price point?

We are going to cover all the different types of lawn mowers in this guide, from unpowered push mowers through to lawn tractors, don't view this as the top ten of any category—as, in this article, we only include:

We will start with the unpowered lawn mowers and work our way through. If you know what type of mower you want, read our comprehensive guide and explore more models from the links above.

Unpowered Reel Lawn Mowers

Reel lawn mowers are inexpensive manual lawn mowers designed for small and flat lawns that require special attention and care. Manual lawn mowers require effort to push around and don't require power cords, batteries or gas to run, leaving no trace of carbon footprints behind. If you have a small lawn, it is worth considering the eco-friendly reel lawn mower that gets you some exercise as you mow.

Reel lawn mowers offer a precise scissor cut, which benefits the health of your lawn, unlike rotary mowers. They are additionally silent during operation and require minimal maintenance.

1. Best Pick: Bosch Manual Garden Lawn Mower

Bosch Manual Garden Lawn Mower
Bosch Manual Garden Lawn Mower

The Bosch Manual Garden Lawn Mower AHM 38G is a hand lawn mower. Thanks to its high-geared side wheels, it is easy to manoeuver to hard-to-reach areas of your lawn. The handle is adjustable, ensuring comfortable usage, and features an ergonomic cushioned grip that helps to get the job done smoothly.

The Bosch manual lawn mower is perfect for small, flat lawns requiring minimal effort to keep, trim and maintain. It boasts a 38cm cutting reel.

It has many five-star ratings. One reviewer wrote, “This little beauty is great for a female senior citizen! So lightweight and easy to use. I had difficulty starting a petrol mower; now, I can mow when and how I want. No fuel to buy, and I get exercise at the same time. Best buy!


  • Cylinder cut system with 5 curved blades made from hardened steel
  • Compact dimensions make it easy to manoeuver around tight spaces and find storage space for it in your garage or tool shed.
  • Multiple cutting heights: Adjustable between 15mm and 43mm.
  • 25L Grass Catcher Included in Box

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Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

Corded electric lawn mowers are powered by a consistent electrical supply, hence the cord (cable). You do not need to charge them, and they require minimal maintenance due to their less sophisticated build. They are lightweight, portable, maneuverable, and mostly walk-behind lawn mowers.

The disadvantage? Corded electric lawn mowers can not be moved farther than the cable that connects them to an electric supply. This is the primary reason they are ideal for smaller lawns. Here are two of the best corded electric lawn mowers available in Australia.

2. Best Pick: Bosch ARM 37 Electric Lawn Mower

Bosch ARM 37 Electric Lawn Mower
Bosch ARM 37 Electric Lawn Mower

At a very modest price that by no means reflects its quality, the Bosch ARM 37 Electric Lawn Mower offers excellent agility for a thorough sharp cut of your lawn, no matter its condition. As a lightweight machine, it features a 1400W motor that is powerful enough to complete a great job of mowing whilst protecting the environment from petrol fumes or decaying batteries.

The lawn mower is a low-maintenance lawn mower with quiet operation, a safety switch for protected mowing, and an impressive 40-litre grass catcher. It has a 37cm or 14.5-inch cutting deck and is, therefore, not recommended for large lawns.

The lawn mower comes from a brand you can trust. And thanks to its clever construction and compact design, it takes up only a little storage space.


  • Five height adjustment positions - between 20 - 70cm with easy adjustment of cutting height via a central lever
  • Ergonomic Ergoflex handlebar for comfortable steering and improved posture helping to reduce muscular fatigue
  • 40-litre capacity clippings collector that helps reduce the time taken to empty clippings
  • Doubly foldable handlebar and the stackable clippings collector to help save space
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty from Bosch Australia

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3. Flymo SimpliGlide 360 Hover Mower

Flymo SimpliGlide 360 Hover Mower
Flymo SimpliGlide 360 Hover Mower

Introducing the Flymo SimpliGlide 360 Hover Mower — a could-be dream electric lawn mower for a small lawn. Thanks to its 1800W motor, it provides extra power over the Bosch model. However, the 360mm cutting width is smaller and a little more expensive than the Bosch model. The lawn mower is uniquely maneuverable due to its design.

As a lightweight lawn mower, Flymo's hover mower floats on a cushion of air with a unique hover design that ensures the grass is not flattened before it is cut, producing a superior result. It is portable and folds easily for storage or transport. The lawn mower offers four cutting height levels between 10mm and 30mm.

Its dual lever is easy and comfortable for right or left-hand use.


  • Super Lightweight at only 7.6 kg.
  • Folds for easy carrying and storage.
  • Dual-lever for easy, comfortable, right or left-handed use.
  • Cutting height can be adjusted to four different levels, between 10mm and 30mm.

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Battery-Powered Electric Lawn Mowers

Battery-powered electric lawn mowers are also referred to as cordless electric lawn mowers. Unlike corded electric lawn mowers, cordless electric lawn mowers are rechargeable and need a battery. They are eco-friendly and less noisy during operations. One key feature of battery-powered mowers is that they are easy to start; you only require a key or push a button to begin operation.

While battery-powered lawn mowers are less sophisticated than gas lawn mowers, it's essential to take proper care of them, especially their batteries, to prevent damage. Below are two of the best battery-powered lawn mowers. For a complete overview, see our guide on the best battery-powered lawn mowers in Australia.

4. AEG 58V Brushless Lawn Mower Kit

AEG 58V Brushless Lawn Mower Kit
AEG 58V Brushless Lawn Mower Kit

The AEG 58V Brushless Lawn Mower Kit is excellent for small to medium-sized lawns and is highly convenient thanks to its battery power, making it a cordless lawn mower for a smooth lawn cut.

The cordless lawn mower’s brushless motor and AEG’s advanced battery technology provide a more powerful performance over a longer lifetime – all whilst allowing simple maintenance and little noise. You’ll be amazed it isn’t a petrol lawn mower! What’s more? It features load sensing technology for greater power against tougher cuts and has a maneuverable design.

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5. Ryobi 36V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Ryobi 36V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
Ryobi 36V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The Ryobi 36V 6.0Ah 20" Self-Propelled Lawn Mower offers the ultimate lawn mowing experience thanks to its state-of-the-art technology that provides an extremely powerful mow. As a self-propelled lawn mower, you can expect less effort and strain, and this particular tool offers variable speed and increased runtime.

It features foldable handles, making it portable, storage and a generous 20-inch deck to ensure the job gets done in less time. Additional benefits include a fast charger and height adjustment for various cutting heights.

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Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic lawn mowers must only be charged and programmed to get your lawn neatly mowed. They are a very convenient device to invest in as they don't require any human effort. You no longer need to spend hours on your lawn, perfecting the length and edges and ensuring you don’t miss a spot when a machine can do an excellent job.

Robotic lawn mowers are available for lawns of all shapes or sizes. They are super quiet and are a friendly device to use in more peaceful environments. Check out Australia's best robotic lawn mowers in our comprehensive guide.

6. Moebot S20 Robot Lawn Mower

Moebot S20 Robot Lawn Mower
Moebot S20 Robot Lawn Mower

The MoeBot s20 robotic lawn mower is a higher-end robot lawn mower. It is manufactured in Australia, and comes with a 5200mAH battery. The robotic lawn mower cuts up to 2,500sqm and can work at lawn angles of up to 30 degrees.

MoeBot is user-friendly and comes with a dedicated app. You can operate the lawn mower from a distance with the mobile app. It also offers push-notification functionalities that alert you of any issues it encounters during operation. The lawn mower is programmable and can follow a schedule to complete the work with minimal interference.

The Moebot S20 has three blades that cut grass into a fine mulch, making great fertiliser and removing the need to pick up clippings. It automatically recharges when the battery runs low and continues working. It can work for up to two hours for each 60-minute charge. It operates smoothly and is one of the best value robotic lawn mowers available in Australia.


  • Three blade-cutting system
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Pick up, bump and rain sensors
  • In-built WiFi and comes with a phone app.

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Petrol Lawn Mowers

Petrol lawn mowers offer more power than electric lawn mowers and run longer than cordless electric mowers. They are ideal for more extensive lawns, uneven fields, and sloppy surfaces.  Petrol lawn mowers have many moving parts and require more regular maintenance. Most petrol lawn mowers are self-propelled and feature an ease-start functionality that eases the difficulties of working with them.

Below we include a couple of our favourite walk-behind petrol models; read our 9 best petrol mowers article for a longer list of what we consider suitable for domestic use.

7. Victa Classic Cut and Catch Lawn Mower

Victa Classic Cut and Catch Lawn Mower
Victa Classic Cut and Catch Lawn Mower

The Victa Classic Cut 18” Cut and Catch Lawn Mower is excellent for less complicated and medium-sized lawns. It has an easy-start ignition system, a quiet Briggs & Stratton 500E Series USA-built OHV engine, and a dual swing-back blade cutting system for robust and steady performance.

The Australian manufactured lawn mower has a steel chassis optimised for catching, a comfortable grip with foldable handles, and ball-bearing wheels that ensure comfortable and manoeuvrable mowing. With a blade length of 450mm and a cutting width of 457mm, it covers larger lawns quicker than the model above.

Victa Classic Cut 18" also offer mulching capabilities.

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8. Masport 19" Contractor Lawn Mower

Masport 19" Contractor Lawn Mower
Masport 19" Contractor Lawn Mower

The Masport 19" Contractor is a professional lawn mower. Like the 21" models, this model features a commercial grade Kawasaki 179cc OHV Series FJ 180V IC 4 stroke engine designed for harsh conditions.

Its high arch-heavy, duty steel chassis can withstand sandblasting and hard impacts. Combined with a 4-blade cutting system that results in supreme cutting, mulching, and catching performance, the Masport 19" lawn mower gets the work done regardless of lawn size or shape. It also features cast alloy wheels that are extremely tough and are designed to operate under commercial conditions with little downtime for repairs.

It has an open rear chute to allow great grass flow and catcher-full performance in a hard HDPE catcher.


  • Steel front bumper and engine guard offer protection to the cutting chassis
  • Bolt in front axle with steel bearing plates bolted directly to the chassis
  • Large wide diameter professional grade heavy duty cast aluminium Front 200mm (8") and Rear 200mm (8") wheels with synthetic rubber tyres and precision 6202 sealed ball bearings
  • Robust lower handle with additional bracing for extra durability
  • 3 position handle locking system for different height settings
  • HDPE Plastic Catcher with 'full' indicator
  • Steel rear flap
  • Zone start for a comfortable starting position

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Ride-On Lawn Mowers

Ride-on lawn mowers are made for bigger lawns that would be extremely tedious to mow with a walk-behind lawn mower. They have a dedicated seat that lets you sit and mow your yard, almost like driving a mini tractor. Ride-on lawn mowers are powered mainly by gas, with fewer electrically powered options available on the market.

If mowing your lawn currently takes you more than two hours, consider one of these, or get a professional lawn mowing service to do it for you.

9. Masport Mini Rider

 Masport Mini Rider
Masport Mini Rider

The Masport Mini Rider is a ride-on and petrol lawn mower that is both comfortable and fast for larger lawn areas that require a precise cut.

With a reliable Briggs & Stratton 190cc electric start engine, it’s a great value ride-on mower. The lawn mower features a 24" steel and a side discharge cutting deck that doesn’t require removing tools to ensure efficient mowing, making it extremely easy to use.

With six-speed adjustment options and a steel bumper, it’s a heavy-duty machine ideal for yards. What’s more? As a relatively compact ride-on mower, it’s perfect for those who require a machine that is easy to store.

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10. Victa 22HP Zero Turn Lawn Tractor

Victa 22HP Zero Turn Lawn Tractor
Victa 22HP Zero Turn Lawn Tractor

The Victa 22HP is classed as a lawn tractor. Lawn tractors offer more powerful engines and wide-cutting decks. Grab one of these if you have a golf course in your backyard!

The Victa 22HP features agile 360-degree turning that enables you to glide around objects, including trees and hedges. With its high-performance Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin engine, you’re guaranteed an extremely powerful mow and a ride-on mower that’ll last you many years of top-notch lawn mowing.

Its fully welded steel chassis with thick-walled front axle makes it suitable for residential and commercial use and has a durable and simple-to-use foot-operated deck lift. It features a handy integrated handbrake and electric blade engagement to ensure smooth usage.

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Lawn Mowers Buying Guide: What to Look Out For

When choosing a lawn mower, it's essential to consider the criteria that make a particular type of lawn mower exceptional. For example, battery power might be a necessary check for battery-powered electric lawn mowers but isn't a factor to consider for corded electric lawn mowers. The guide below highlights general requirements for an ideal lawn mower but is not an exhaustive list.

Step 1: Pick a budget range

The first step in choosing a lawn mower for your lawn is considering your budget. This is to ensure you're not overspending on the lawnmower you decide to purchase. Albeit crucial, always prioritise value over money. Picking the ideal option, regardless of your initial budget, gives you value in the long run.

Step 2: Consider the size of your lawn

The next important factor to consider is the size of your lawn, terrain, and surface level.  It can help you choose the appropriate type of lawn mower and the ideal cutting widths. Wider cutting widths means you'll spend less time cutting the grass. Homeowners with up to an acre of lawn should choose between 16 and 30 inches.

Step 3: Pick your type of lawn mower

Depending on your lawn's size and surface level, you'll also have to decide which type of lawn mower best suits you. Petrol powered or electrically powered? Traditional or robotic? Walk-behind or ride-on? You need to consider these. Petrol-powered lawn mowers are ideal for tougher, medium to larger lawns and offer more power than electrically powered lawn mowers. Where you have flat, smaller lawns, choose electric mowers.

Step 4: Check for your features

Most homeowners rarely consider other features available to their ideal lawn mowers. Some lawn mowers come with cup holders, others have mulching capabilities, some have easy-start functionalities, and others come with a specific design to complement various lawn types. Consider what features best suit your lawn and mode of work when evaluating lawn mowers.

Step 5: Evaluate your options

The final step to choosing an ideal lawn mower is to evaluate your shortlisted options. This can easily become a very tedious task with the many products on the market. We considered this and created this guide to help you shortlist and evaluate the best lawn mowers available.

Maintaining Your Lawn Mower

Great, you’ve chosen your perfect lawn mower! Now what? Look at this informative video from Bunnings or read our guide on maintaining your lawn mower for years of great mowing.

Keeping your lawn mower in good condition is essential to maintain its durability and efficiency over a long period. Regardless of your lawn mower's type or build quality, poor maintenance practices will cause it to deteriorate in no time.

Wrapping Up!

Every lawn is unique; what works for your neighbour might not work for you. Take the time to understand the needs of your lawn, and pick a fitting option to care for it. The lawn mowers on this list are some of the best across the various types available. Hopefully, you found an option that suits you.  


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