What you need to know about Ceiling Repair

What you need to know about Ceiling Repair

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A beautiful strong roof is like an umbrella that withstands the toughness of all seasons. Like other walls, roofing needs extra care and maintenance as it is exposed to various climatic conditions.

Before the first raindrops start in the lovely house you live in, you need to focus on ceiling repair. In a storm damage to a roof might be more extensive, as even whole portions might not be there in case the battens get spoiled, causing the shingles and tiles to fly off the roof. In many severe cases, the wooden under-structure of the roof can get damaged and risk the structural integrity of the whole house. No matter what is the degree of damage, if you figure out problems with your roof in the primary stage, you need to take immediate action and stay fully prepared.

Why is repairing a damaged ceiling crucial?

1.    A ceiling that is leaky can damage the house structure in many ways, it affects the paint and plaster of the ceilings. The plaster expands and the paint starts to peel off from the ceiling.

2.    The water damage caused to the ceilings can also damage all the electrical fixtures mounted and can be very dangerous. If the house has a concealed wiring then a roof leak can cause a short circuit too.

3.    Water leakage through the roof can easily make its way into the walls and can cause seepage and dampness in the house. Continuous water intrusion can cause peeling of paint, dampness on the walls and cracking of plaster.

4.    When dampness on the walls is caused by a leaky roof it gives way for mould and mildew to grow. The mould then spreads all around the house and can be a cause of serious health issues like allergies, asthma, and respiratory diseases.

5.    In case the ingress of water is continuous, then water can easily make its way from the roof through the walls and into the base of the house. It can be expensive to repair the damaged foundation.

6.    A leaking roof can cause permanent damage to the structural integrity of a house.

Top Reasons to arrange Ceiling Repairs

If you are facing the issue of damaged ceilings for any possible reason, the one-stop solution is a ceiling repairing firm. They have highly experience in handling complex roof-related problems reported by people all over Australia.

Let us discuss the main services offered by the ceiling repair firms.

#1. Dropped Ceilings

Also known as suspended, false, or floating ceilings, they are suspended or fixed beneath the original or structural ceiling. The reasons why a homeowner chooses to construct a false ceiling are making the apartment soundproof, improved acoustics, hiding utilities like wires & pipes, increased heating or cooling efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

#2. Ceilings damaged by Water

Water-damaged ceilings are usually visualized as a brown discoloration on the surface of the ceiling. Water leaking from the pipes or roof can make its way down to your house ceiling causing it to become waterlogged and drip onto the floor. The excess moisture can result in the growing mould that eventually can cause serious health issues. Also, water leaking on the ceiling can weaken the structural integrity that is a question mark towards safety of the occupants in the home.

#3. Sagging ceilings or bowed ceilings

Sagging ceilings is another common ceiling issue, which requires fixing. There are many reasons for sagging the plasterboard ceiling such as structural movement in the building, the presence of termites, or damage due to water leakage. At times, it could be the age of the building. With the age of the building the adhesives of the materials and structures that holds the house together ages. Also, the poor building practices can be a reason for the premature failure of construction adhesives used to secure ceilings and cornices which results in a bowed or sagged ceiling.

#4. Restoration of Ceilings

Renovation is restoring the charm and initial identity of any old decorative ceiling. The work requires high-level expertise and to be flawless. A ceiling repairing firm can rejuvenate the dilapidated worn-out old ceilings and restore them to their former grace. No matter if it is just a single ceiling or centrepiece or the entire ceiling, professional repair services include repair, replacement, or installation of an ornate ceiling completely.

#5. Repairing of Cornice

They repair or replace the damaged sections of cornice. However, the style of the cornice is not manufactured and available for sale. In scenarios like that you replace the cornices within the whole room to keep the style uniform and uninterrupted. The plastering services can install simple, affordable cornices or decorative cornices to match the beauty and elegance of your property.

#6. Repairing of Walls

If your house needs a plasterer to patch up a hole, a crack in your walls, or replace an entire water-damaged plasterboard wall, firms offer a plaster repairman. After the completion of paintings on walls the repair work should be discrete and unnoticeable to others.

If you are facing ceiling issues in your property and looking for an experienced professional ceiling repair firm in Sydney please feel free visit us at paulsplastering.com.au

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