What To Choose: Robotic Lawn Mower Or Traditional Lawn Mower?

What To Choose: Robotic Lawn Mower Or Traditional Lawn Mower?

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The Benefits of a Robotic Lawn Mower

A robotic lawn mower is the best solution for keeping the grass looking clean and pretty. With this machine, you can literally sit down and relax while sipping an iced tea on a hot Sunday afternoon. It sounds enticing, isn't it? But is this machine suitable for you? In this blog, we will discuss the benefits and tips for potential buyers of robotic lawn mowers.

If you haven't seen a robotic lawn mower yet, imagine a small car that goes around the yard and cuts the grass through the blade that's below it. It uses a battery to power it up, which you can recharge later on. To prevent it from going outside the lawing area, all you have to do is place a boundary wire that serves as its fence. The device's sensor picks up the signal coming from the wire, which tells it not to go outside the perimeter.

The functionality of a robotic lawn mower is almost the same as a robot vacuum for your home floor. It works automatically, so you really don't need to stay and watch it as it works. You can choose either its default or customized settings to configure the best option that your lawn needs. Once the set-up is complete, the machine will start mowing the area inside the boundary wire. Depending on the brand of a robotic mower that you have, the device goes in a random direction or follows a specific pattern directed by its mapping system.

Most robotic lawn mowers can sense obstacles on their path. When it recognizes that something is blocking it, it turns its head and goes in another direction. It works uninterruptedly unless the battery goes low.

Robotic Lawn Mower Versus Traditional Lawn Mower

A robot lawn mower is what you want a traditional lawn mower to be. It frees you from doing the task manually. It allows you to have time to do something else instead of pushing a grass cutter for an hour or two.

Saving Time

Cutting the grass using a traditional mower is quicker when you do the job yourself, and you know how to do it well. However, it will not run without your presence. You have to stay from start to finish to operate the machine. While the traditional mower cuts the grass faster, it doesn't allow you to do anything else.

On the other hand, a robotic lawn mower will do 90% of its job alone. You don't have to be present as it works. This benefit allows you to actually save more time since you do two things at a time.

Better Results

Many users attest that a robotic lawn mower produces a healthier and better-looking lawn than the traditional type. This is because this machine is designed to work continuously and uses the same cutting mode all the time. Because of its convenience, you can use it anytime you want. The grass doesn't need to reach the point where it grows tall, turns brown, and splits. In short, keeping healthy grass becomes easy with a robotic lawn mower.


Using a conventional, push-type lawn mower needs some practice before you call yourself a "master" user. It needs some time to set up and for you to get used to it. Using a traditional mower can be intimidating because of its size, noise, and pollution. With an automatic lawn mower, you don't have to worry about these nuisances.

Meanwhile, a robot lawn mower is easier to configure and operate. The first thing you need to do is lay down a perimeter wire to prevent the bot from roaming outside the area. Next, you have to take out any obstacles that can block its way. Then, you can configure the mowing mode by pressing the button on the machine itself or via a mobile phone app. Once everything is set, press the "Go" button to start mowing.

Another reason why a robotic lawn mower is effortless to use is that it works without a cord. A cordless design enables the bot to go further without the restriction of a power cord.

Before using this bot, you have to make sure that the battery is fully charged. However, when the battery goes low while working, the device is clever enough to return to its charging station. Once fully charged, it goes back to the same spot it left off before to continue mowing.

You can always control your mower via smartphone to command or change the settings of the robot. When the device is connected to your phone or laptop using Wi-Fi, you don't have to come near it to execute a command. This capability allows you to sit comfortably on the couch while ensuring lawn mowing is being taken care of.

Less Maintenance

A robotic lawn mower doesn't need a lot of maintenance procedures to be in good condition. You only need to replace some of its parts only once every other year, depending on how you take care of it. You don't need to consume a lot of time and money on fixing it. When something gets damaged, you can quickly fix it yourself, without the need to call for a technician. Unlike petrol mowers, where many oil and spark plug changes are often required, an automatic lawn mower is such a big relief.


Many people are scared just by watching those giant, sharp blades of push-type lawn mowers. A robotic lawn mower also has blades but they are not exposed openly - a significant safety feature especially if you have kids or pets. Other layers of protection provided by this machine include PIN and alarm system, and bump sensors. These features alert you if something prevents the device from running or someone is toying or stealing it.


At the onset, you would think that buying a robotic lawn mower is an expensive investment. While it is true that the upfront cost is higher for a robotic lawn mower, it will actually save you more in the longer term. Firstly, you don't have to drive often to a gas station every time you use the mower (Note: never stock petrol inside your house, it's dangerous!). Also, you will spend less on maintenance costs than a traditional lawn mower, another factor that saves you money.

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