Top 5 Safety Tips For Swimming Pool Owners

Top 5 Safety Tips For Swimming Pool Owners

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Having a pool in your backyard sure comes with many perks and benefits. You get to enjoy your outdoor space more, your kids would have an option when it comes to entertaining themselves, and your family can spend more quality time together. Indeed, a swimming pool promises summer-long fun and laughter-filled weekends, not to mention, of course, the value and appeal it adds to any property.

However, having such a focal point at home doesn't come without potential risks and challenges. Aside from the risk of anyone drowning (kids mainly), some other possible accidents and mishaps could occur each time you're within the swimming pool area. Slips, falls, diving injuries and even electrical defects can easily happen, usually at times when you don't expect it the most.

Fun With Caution

There's nothing worse than spending a warm afternoon at the pool and ending up going to the emergency room because of an accident that could've been prevented if only safety precautions were in place. With this in mind, it pays to be always prepared and observe several safety tips for swimming pool owners like you.

1. Abide By Pool Fence Regulations

Depending on where you live, there are specific pool fence regulations you need to know and abide by. And even if you're already aware of such rules, still make sure you're updated from time to time as new and improved building requirements are added to warrant pool safety in households.

In Victoria, for example, pool owners are required to have pool fencing that complies with minimum safety standards. Aside from the pool having a safety barrier, there should also be self-latching and self-closing gates, which significantly add another layer of protection and safety. If your pool has the minimum safety features required, you can have a pool compliance certificate from the local regulating office.

It's highly recommended to check the latest regulations on pool fencing to ascertain your swimming pool meets all the criteria. You may also get professional site advice from consultation services, such as Pool Compliance Victoria and similar providers, to make sure your fencing and barriers meet the minimum safety standards.

2. Make Sure You Have Essential Life-Saving Equipment

You may have already installed pool fencing, alarms, and other preventive measures in your pool area, but it doesn't mean you can tell for sure no accident will occur. Anything can happen, especially if it involves kids and young-at-hearts who like to goof around mindlessly. Truly, it's better to be safe than sorry, and that's very true when it comes to pool safety.

It's always best to be prepared for emergencies by ensuring you have rescue equipment available when you need it. Reaching poles, floats, throwing ropes, life rings, and rescue hooks are just some of the equipment that can make all the difference when you suddenly encounter a water emergency.

However, having such equipment isn't good enough on its own. You have to make sure the equipment and accessories are all in good working condition so you can expect them to serve their purpose when the situation calls for it.

3. Install Pool Alarms

Aside from physical barriers, you might also want to consider investing in other components that can heighten the safety in your swimming pool area. In-ground pools can be installed with a sonar device that triggers an alarm when something or someone gets in the water. Although such a device may come off as pricey at first glance, it's worth the investment, considering how it can significantly increase the level of safety of your swimming pool.

For a less expensive option, there are also different floating alarms that set off the moment anything disturbs the water. If you're able to choose wisely, these alarms can create loud and blaring sounds that can be heard even when you're inside the house. If you want to take safety up a notch, you may consider installing alarms for pool gates and fences as well.

Pool alarms can prove to be significantly helpful in easing your mind as you go about your daily chores at home, especially if you have kids and pets around. You'll know they can't quickly get into the pool area without you getting notified, and this leaves your mind feeling reassured all the time.

4. Be Strict With Pool Rules

It's easy to get lost in the middle of all the fun and great bonding moments with friends or family, but you need to reinforce strict rules when using the swimming pool. These rules should be clear and applicable to everyone in the household with absolutely no exemption, including yourself. That way, all members of the family would know how serious you are about them.

Kids, for example, should know they're not allowed to take a dip or go near the pool without an adult supervising them. Instead, they should learn to ask permission whenever they want to be in the vicinity of the pool so they won't develop the habit of not informing you each time they do so. Children and adults alike shouldn't be allowed to run or push one another, especially by the poolside. As much as possible, prohibit diving, too. There also needs to be a strict house rule regarding drinking while having fun by the pool.

5. Take Necessary Courses For Water Safety And Emergencies

Another safety tip you shouldn't forget as a swimming pool owner is to equip yourself with different necessary courses, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid, and water safety. As much as possible, every adult in the family should be certified in these courses to increase your odds of saving someone's life in case an emergency arises. Remember, even the most basic knowledge in these life-saving skills can make a difference instead of just waiting for emergency responders to arrive.

Final Thoughts

Being a pool owner has its fair share of benefits and responsibilities. For sure, you're already aware of the benefits it can give, but the importance of knowing the responsibilities it comes along with can't be stressed enough. Remember, there's only a thin line between preventing an accident and being the reason it happened. As such, observing these top safety tips mentioned above can go a long way in ensuring everyone who enjoys the swimming pool stays happy, at ease, and, best of all, safe.  

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