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2020’s Top 6 Kitchen Trends Have Been Influenced by the Coronavirus

2020’s Top 6 Kitchen Trends Have Been Influenced by the Coronavirus

. 3 min read

2020 is the year that the Coronavirus disrupted our lives, bringing upheaval -- and a brand new set of kitchen trends -- along with it. In fact, as people rediscover the joys and frustrations of constantly eating at home, COVID-19 has been one of the most influential factors shaping 2020’s kitchen trends. Let’s take a look at the top 6 kitchen trends so far in 2020:

Standalone Freezers Are the Hottest Kitchen Appliance

Across the globe, people have been changing their eating habits in droves. Many people who usually eat at restaurants have been staying home instead – and, as a result, people have been stocking up on extra amounts of food to supply them for the time they plan to spend at home.

This has resulted in a massive spike in sales of new freezers and refrigerators. In particular, standalone freezers and chest freezers have been in high demand.

In the early months of the Coronavirus crisis, freezers sold out in many areas of Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. In some places, they’ve become available again; in others, they are still hard to find.

Demand for Bread Makers and Electric Pasta Makers Has Been Surging

In times of distress, people enjoy turning to comfort foods such as homemade bread, pizza and pasta. The problem is, hardly anyone actually knows how to make these things from scratch any more – or, if they do know, they have a hard time mustering the energy to do it. Gadgets such as bread makers and pasta makers take all the hard work out of kneading breads or pizza crusts and shaping homemade pasta. Demand for these products has wildly increased thus far in 2020.

Sanitising Stations Are Prominent in 2020’s Kitchens

Most people would agree that it has always been important to maintain a clean, sanitised kitchen. But people have never before taken sanitization quite so seriously as they are taking it now.

Before 2020, people might have concluded that you were obsessive-compulsive if you had placed hand sanitiser in half a dozen different locations in and around your kitchen. Nowadays, people tend to think you’re nuts if you don’t do that. It’s practically obligatory to have a hand sanitizing station located prominently at the entrance to your kitchen.

Title image credit: Touchland.

Considering that people have been eating so many meals at home lately, kitchens have been in the spotlight. Right now, it’s functionality that’s foremost in people’s minds as they work to keep their kitchens clean, decluttered and usable.

Durable stainless steel sinks are virtually always in demand, and that hasn’t changed through the COVID-19 crisis. Attractive drawer organisers keep gadgets and flatware tidy, while shelf organisers keep extra stashes of canned and boxed foods manageable. Hidden appliances are a carry-over trend that remains popular in 2020.

Kitchen Herb Gardens Are Fashionable

Earlier this year, the sight of empty supermarket shelves prompted consumers to stock up on seeds for commonly used herbs and vegetables. Some of those seeds have been finding their way into planters placed in sunny kitchen windows around the country.

Butler’s Pantries Are Enjoying Renewed Interest

Butler’s pantries, otherwise known as walk-in pantries, are definitely not a new thing in 2020; they’ve been trendy for the past several years. However, they are enjoying a sudden upswing in popularity this year.

You could think of a butler’s pantry as being a second miniature kitchen inside your kitchen. Often, these pantries are tucked away behind a door or wall, so they are unobtrusive.

A butler’s pantry might be of interest to you right now because it could provide extra storage space if you decided to stock up on more sanitisers, paper towels, tinned goods and non-perishables than you ordinarily would have in “normal” times. Depending on how you design your pantry, it could give you a convenient, yet hidden, space to prepare food and keep clutter out of the view of people in the main kitchen area. This would obviously be beneficial if you’re interested in hiding the fact that you indulged in a bit of grocery hoarding from others who might disapprove. It’s also convenient if you want to maintain the appearance of a tidy kitchen while you’re entertaining guests.


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