Tips To Optimise Mobile App For Higher Returns in 2022

Tips To Optimise Mobile App For Higher Returns in 2022

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All businesses are more than aware of the necessity to have an online presence in the form of a website or mobile app. However, simply building a mobile app with the basic features will be beneficial to your business. In fact, users will simply browse to another application if they do not find the interface intriguing or if the design is not up to standards. With so many smartphone users and rapid changes in technologies, it is vital one continuously optimize their apps. They need to be reliable, feature-rich, and easy to use. This article provides essential tips on how one can go about optimizing mobile apps to improve their ROI.

Significance of Optimising Mobile App

It is vital that the mobile app you develop offers the appropriate solution it is meant to deliver. Besides having all the basic features, one should ideally add several additional features to make the app simpler to use. One of the main reasons why people use mobile apps is because of the ease of use.  It is simpler to book a cab and order food from your favorite restaurant.

Hence, it is also important the app be feature-rich and goes out of its way to make things simpler. Here are a few statistics that make it evident why every business needs a top-notch and well-optimized app for their business:

  • The mobile penetration rate in 2017 was 80.96%. It is expected to be 86% in 2022 and 87% in 2026.
  • The eCommerce market of Australia is the 11th largest in the world.
  • The eCommerce market is expected to rise to 32.3 Billion USD by 2024.
  • 26.4% of eCommerce transactions took place on mobile devices in 2020.
  • The number of Amazon marketplace sellers in Australia 24,227 in 2021.
  • Revenue from the mobile app market is expected to be $5703 Million USD in 2022, and the market volume is expected to be $8053 Million USD by 2026.
  • The annual growth of revenue during the period of 2022 to 2026 is expected to be 9.01%.
  • The number of downloads in the app market is projected to reach 774.1 Million in 2022.
  • Mobile gamers spent $116 Billion on games in 2021, which is a sharp rise from that in 2020.
  • China, the USA, and Japan are the top three markets when it comes to revenue from mobile games.
  • Mobile game spending is expected to reach $138 Billion by 2025.
  • There were 82.98 Billion mobile games downloaded in 2021.
  • It is expected that by 2025, 42% of the app store revenue will be generated from gaming apps and 58% from other types of apps.
  • It is expected that by 2025, 71% of the revenue from Google Play will come from mobile games.

Tips to Optimise Mobile App for Better ROI

  • The best technique to ensure maximum app downloads is to keep it free. There are many other ways to monetize an app that are more fruitful.
  • User experience is rated very high hence, optimizing it for quick load, and making it more intuitive and user-friendly will encourage users to come back to your app over and over again.
  • Design an aesthetic and visually appealing website.
  • In-app advertising is one of the best techniques to earn big. This includes ads like banners, videos, reward videos, native ads, etc.
  • Incorporate in-app purchases in your app for more advanced features and tools.
  • It is important to pay attention to user expectations when developing an app. Optimizing to ensure it lives up to their expectations will go a long way towards making it successful.
  • Test your application in many ways for performance and correct features and to also ensure it is free from bugs.
  • Optimize your app to ensure it performs well on every device.
  • Ensure your app is well integrated with social media. This can include features like social media sign-in and sharing.
  • Introduce features in the app that offers rewards to the users. This can be done either with the help of the push notification feature or within the app itself.
  • Offer the users a more personal experience since doing so will keep them coming back for more. The way this works is the app is designed to track the behavior of the consumer based on which the appropriate recommendations are made. The offers and product discounts are also often personalized to ensure optimal benefit.

Common Models For App Monetisation

There are many ways businesses benefit financially from their mobile app solutions. Some of the common models that one can implement to monetize apps and correctly optimize them for a better ROI are listed here:

  • Free app Model: A free app model is ideal for those who wish to obtain a high number of downloads, and instead of earning by the number of users who install the app, other features can be added to the application for this purpose. Additionally, it is also possible to include other premium features in the application that are not free; instead, come at a cost.
  • Premium apps: As the name suggests, these types of apps are not free to download. There will usually be a good description of a possible video if it is a game or entertainment app. However, one needs to pay to download the app and use all the features.
  • In-App Purchases: In-app purchase is a popular method adopted by many companies. This model can be beneficial for you, depending on the nature of the business. Although it is not used by a very high percentage, the revenue earned in this model happens to be a great deal higher. This is the ideal model for games as well as service-based apps.
  • In-App Advertising: This is a good way of earning money from ads from other companies. This is a popular revenue model and is what a high percentage of apps depend on for the funding of their development. This is a universal model and is used by many types of mobile apps.
  • White Labelling: It often happens that development firms or businesses create a feature-rich mobile phone application with all the bells and whistles. They then earn by monetizing it for other brands or licensing it for other companies to use. The white labeling concept is essentially creating a product in the form of a mobile phone app that other businesses can rebrand and use for their own purpose.
  • Subscriptions: This is also a very fruitful strategy when it comes to earning from the mobile apps you develop. This type of app is usually free to download; however, the features are not free to use. Users are required to take a subscription to use the features and premium aspects of the app.
  • eCommerce Apps: As the name suggests, this type of app allows the users to buy products, essentially making it a mCommerce application. The app will ideally be a well-designed digital storefront that allows users to browse through the products and make a purchase.

Professional Mobile App Developers To the Rescues

The key factors involved when attempting to increase the ROI include first picking the right business model. Several business models have been described in this article. The one you pick depends largely on the goal of building an app. For example, you might be building an app to solve a specific problem, provide a service, sell products, or for your business to ensure it remains competitive. The professional mobile developers have the expertise to assist with this matter and implement the right app development process. They will help in the brainstorming process to analyze your requirements and suggest the best monetizing model for you.

Listed here are some of the benefits of seeking help from the professionals:

  • The professionals have the skills to help both start-ups and large companies with the process of finding the right monetization model. They also have the experience to provide the essential help required by both start-ups and big firms.
  • They have the expertise to optimize the size of the application to ensure it is high performing and remains competitive.
  • The cost to develop a mobile app varies depending on the approach you take. Taking advantage of the services they offer often works out more economical as well. It offers the business peace of mind and allows them to focus on other pressing matters.
  • They have the technical skills and knowledge of advanced tools and technologies. This is essential in this highly competitive world of mobile applications.
  • They also possess skills to optimize your app in the mobile store to ensure it is more visible and features in all relevant searches.

It is a good practice to hire a professional mobile app development company for the development of your mobile application. Some of the common factors they can help with include making all the right decisions, analyzing your requirements for the right monetizing model, studying the target audience for user preference, offering more flexible payment options, and more. They help strike the right balance between monetization and user experience, thus ensuring your business can gain an upper edge. They have the necessary skills for building mobile apps and are aware of the right techniques to optimize your apps to gain better ROI.

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