6 Simple Tips For a Home Renovation On a Budget

6 Simple Tips For a Home Renovation On a Budget

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When it comes to home renovating, there are so many things to take into consideration. Below are eight easy-to-follow tips to start you on your journey, with some additional ones within the links.

1. Be clear on your Goal:

Have a goal for your renovation. Is your end game to sell, or just improve your home for your family? Are you going to focus on specific areas? Grays Online can help you work out what you need for this specific area. Before you buy, make sure your purchases can fit into your space and work for your home. Do you need a new kitchen or bathroom, or both?

2. Decide your Style:

Are you going to stick to your old style or use a new one? Homes to Love quotes Shelley Craft about being honest about why you are renovating, down to making a list of what you do and don’t like. The style you use for your own renovation will be very different to the style you use when renovating for profit. Style includes interior design, which is where advice from interior designers like Shaynna Blaze can be useful.

3. Choose your most important space:

If you can only afford to renovate, choose the space that either needs it the most, or that will make the most impact if you’re renovating for profit. Again, this is where Grays Online can help. They can help determine what you need and how much it will potentially cost, and from there, you can do comparisons to see what will fit into your style and budget.

4. Be clear on your budget:

Budget is always going to come into decisions. Better Homes and Gardens discusses what you will need to take into consideration when budgeting for a full house renovation, and how much each room and what you do could cost. Factoring in furniture and design is also key. Grays Online shows items for the bedroom, bathroom and tools needed to use in your home renovation to suit all budgets.

And explore the experteasy blog for other tips for specific rooms.

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Estimate the costs:

Homes to Love gives advice on how to work this out, and includes a renovation calculator from Real Estate to work out how much you have to spend, and how much you should put towards each phase or area of your renovation.

Factor in your Building Materials:

Factor your building materials and tools into your budget as well. Homes to Love quotes Steve Pisani from Scyon Walls, who suggests choosing building materials that will stand up to the harsh elements of the Australian climate, based on where you live. One example might be selecting products that will withstand bushfires. Better Homes and Gardens also suggests that you choose affordable yet durable materials to help you save money on a full home renovation to ensure everything works well and pulls together effectively.

5. Get your plans approved:

Perhaps one of the most important tips is getting council to approve your plans for renovation, if these plans go beyond simple interior decorating and painting. In Homes to Love, Panovscott Architects advise designing to meet the rationale of council regulations and to work the rules in favour of the design. Getting your plans approved will mean you meet council regulations, and you can show your plans to neighbours to keep them in the loop and ensure minimal disruption to those living next door and around you.

6. Keep the budget on track:

One final point is keeping the budget on track. The first key to this is doing your research early on, this will help you stick to a realistic budget in terms of labour and material costs.

Making sure you have a buffer in case something goes wrong during the renovation should also be factored into the budget. Key to this is also to stick to your plan and don’t change it.

There are many other things to consider when doing a home renovation, especially when you are on a budget. Follow this guide and the included links, and you’ll find a way to make it work for you, and your situation.

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