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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Kitchen Design

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Kitchen Design

. 5 min read

Creating a perfect kitchen design is not an easy task. It can take a while to get what you want and achieve the perfect environment for your kitchen plan. For some, having an active and spacious living space may be a more important design for a large family. Also, if you want a comfortable and cozy look, the kitchen can be drastically different in aesthetics, cabinets, countertops, and more. All these have unique tips that need to be followed. Below are some tips for creating the perfect kitchen design.

1. Build for purpose

The perfect kitchen design is tailored to the desire of people who live there. It is imperative to consider the number of family members who use the space.

Typically, if you entertain or cook a lot, think about how you will interact with the guests. The island bench becomes the queen of a kitchen when you want to create the focal point when socializing. A large island bench offers an additional surface for preparing food and space to sit taking their drinks.

It is also a great place for children to sit when doing homework or chatting while their busy parents do things in the kitchen. In this case, it is safer to place the sink on an island bench than on the cooktop. You also need to consider easy-to-clean tabletop materials like engineered stone, which looks like marble but is more durable and resistant to stains. The added benefit is that the island bench separates the play area from the work area, minimizing cooking interruptions.

Regular entertainers may also consider other kitchen features like the butler's pantry to clean the clutter or a custom wine cellar, perhaps in an otherwise unused space, like under stairs.

2. Consider the layout

Another tip for creating the perfect kitchen design is to consider the layout. You have probably heard of a golden triangle rule in the context of kitchen design. It is the link between the kitchen's heavy lifter, the sink, the refrigerator, and the cooktop. It is recommended that the distance between the points should not be more than three meters for the triangle. The link which is between the sink and the fridge should never be further apart than one meter.

Also, the kitchen design should aim for a space of at least one meter between the benchtops. This will make the workstation efficient and enable you to perform daily tasks easily, such as sliding out a bin drawer or opening the dishwasher, without feeling overwhelmed. Another helpful tip is to place the dishwasher near the cupboard or drawers so that you can store and unpack in one swift movement. This means it is easy for kids too.

The sinks can be located in many different places in the kitchen, though the best place is in a sink or at the window to get the beautiful view or where it is facing people who you are interacting with. This gives you time to consider what you have been going outside the window or even what you can plant to create a scenic appearance.

For open place living consider the look and feel of the kitchen with the lounge, it can be very difficult to find the right furniture here, in the design space between the two areas.

Another thing to consider is the link between the outdoor entertainment area and the kitchen through double doors or oversized sliding doors. This makes the whole room look bigger and ideal when there are many guests in your house.

3. Declutter with storage

Storage is crucial when reducing the clutter and creating a safe environment for cleaning, chilling, and cooking in the kitchen. Generally, the easy way to create more storage space in the kitchen is by taking the overhead cabinetry closer to the ceiling and installing deep drawers. Always keep the daily items and seasonal items that you do not often use within arm's reach.

Appliances like toasters, kettles, and microwaves must be stored to ease clutter on a bench. But find them in a permanent cupboard with the power points so that you may leave them in place and close the door on the crumbs when you are done. You can store all your tea and coffee essentials on the shelf above the teapot. Then try to hide everything you can in the cupboards.

4. Go all in on modern technology

Whenever you create the perfect kitchen design, you need to consider the kitchen that suits you and your family's needs through modern technology. You can get a wide range of modern convection ovens and induction cooktops with incredible features. Also, get Wi-Fi compatible ovens that regulate cooking mode and temperature according to precise recipes. This could include the pan you are using. There will be no excuse for not preparing a perfect Sunday meal.

With smart technology, you can connect all the kitchen appliances, and before you recognize it, the fridge will tell your phone which ingredients to purchase at the supermarket.

Also, touchless faucets arouse interest in the kitchen design, they use motion sensors to turn on and off. Of course, it's great if your hands get sticky after cooking or if you have a large pot that you require to fill with water.

You need to consider other features you may want to add in the kitchen, like a charging station for the devices with the power points hidden in the cupboards or drawers.

5. Light it up

Adequate lighting is important whenever you spend more time indoors. First of all, design your kitchen so that the natural light is used in the best way. The open space and windows add a natural and harmonious environment in the room when you congregate at any time of the day.

LED lighting is very popular in areas that require additional lighting because it is more efficient and lasts longer than fluorescent and halogen bulbs. Use it to illuminate splashbacks and toe kick, or hide them under cabinets to bring more light to the benchtops. Another best tip is to install the LED strips in the cabinets for special interior lighting.

The pendants remain the beautiful light for island countertops and allow you to integrate creative designs and attractive colors. In addition to the handy task light, a careful selection of pendant lamps can create privacy. If you are feeling fancy, you can go for chandeliers.

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