Solve your storage problems with a portable shed

Solve your storage problems with a portable shed

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As we move through life, we inevitably accumulate a whole lot of stuff along the way. Clothes, sporting equipment, kitchen appliances, garden tools, lawnmowers, kids toys – the list goes on and on. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a dedicated garage or storage area where you live, it can be a nightmare trying to find room for all this stuff – especially if you’re renting and you can’t make any modifications to your home.

Many people with too much stuff to store on their property will store things at family or friends’ houses, however that can be an unfair burden on these people and also inconvenient for you. Of course, you can always use storage warehouse services, but the cost of these can quickly add up, especially if you need storage long-term.

A portable storage solution

One option that most people likely have never thought of – and can work particularly well for renters – is a portable storage shed. Portable sheds are a cost-effective and convenient solution for storage issues. And the best part is, if you move house you can bring your shed along with you to your new home.

It’s possible to purchase Australian-built storage sheds and have them delivered to any location in Australia, including remote or outback areas. You can choose to customise your shed or just choose a standard configuration. A standard 6 metre by 3 metre size is a good option for most storage needs.

Configuring your shed for maximum storage capacity and convenience

Once you have your shed delivered and positioned where you want it, there are some super easy DIY hacks you can do to maximise the storage capacity and organise everything in the most convenient way.

Setup storage shelves

Probably the easiest and most effective modification is to put in storage shelves along the walls that can be used for multiple purposes. This will let you store things off the ground, all the way up to the ceiling of your shed. Portable shelves are a good idea, as you will be able to remove them from the shed if you transport it to a new house, and they are easy to install. Any hardware store will have a range of options and sizes so you’ll be able to find shelves that fit your shed perfectly.

Setup dedicated racks for sports equipment and tools

Create dedicated storage racks on the walls for sports equipment and tools which will securely and safely store these items without using up any more room than is necessary. You can find self-adhesive or screw in racks at hardware stores that will fit absolutely any tool or piece of equipment. It will make things super easy to find, while keeping fragile and/or hazardous items out of harm’s way. If you need to transport the shed, you can just take the items down from the racks and leave the racks on the wall. Peg boards are also highly versatile way to store tools on the wall.

Install a ceiling storage system

If you really want to max-out the storage capacity of your shed, you can utilise the ceiling space by installing a ceiling storage system. Here is a great step-by-step guide for building your own sliding ceiling racks for storing containers. Alternatively, you can buy prebuilt ceiling storage systems from most hardware or garage equipment stores. It’s a good idea to store lighter items in the storage systems so there’s not too much weight pulling down on the racks. If you move your shed, just take the containers down and leave the racks in place.

Wall-mounted workbench

If you’d like to also use your shed as a workshop, installing a foldable, wall-mounted workbench is the perfect way to do this without eating into your storage space. When you’re not using the bench, you can neatly fold it away and store items next to it. When it comes time to use it, just move the items out of the way and unfold it! See this helpful guide to building your own foldable bench. You can leave the workbench in place, folded away, if you transport your shed to a new location.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas and opened your eyes to the possibilities of portable storage sheds. For something that most people wouldn’t think of as an option, it’s amazing how helpful, cost-effective and convenient they can be. Here’s to putting an end to your storage problems!


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