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7 Mistakes to Avoid For Your Kitchen Renovation

7 Mistakes to Avoid For Your Kitchen Renovation

. 4 min read

Planning your kitchen renovation can be significantly stressful and overwhelming. With unlimited options and countless decisions to make, it can be easy to make a mistake. To help ease your worries and to make you more prepared for your renovation journey, here are some mistakes to avoid for your renovation.

Too focussed on trends

Don’t get carried away with the latest trends. It might feel inclined to make your kitchen red if it is popular in the moment, however, it might be out of fashion in a few years. Try to pick a kitchen design that is likely to stay relevant for decades to come. If you are too focussed on trends, you may end up needing to renovate again down the line.

Not engaging a professional

It can be very tempting to complete some of the kitchen renovation yourself. Not only will it give you a great sense of accomplishment, but it will save you a great deal on contractor costs. However, if you have limited experience you may complete the work at a disappointing standard. Having to fix mistakes will end up costing you more.

If you plan on doing some or all the steps yourself, make sure you consult a professional to ensure you are across all the steps and your plans are feasible. A kitchen designer, for instance, will be across the latest products, design features and technology and can provide you invaluable advice.

Not shopping around for your contractor

Make sure you shop around for the right contractor. If a contractor gives you a quote you cannot refuse, chances are there’s a reason for it. Maybe there are additional costs they will mention later, or they do a subpar job. Ask potential contractors for referrals and speak to past clients about their renovation experience. You also want to be specific with your contractor and exactly what you want done for your kitchen renovation and ask for a comprehensive breakdown of costs, so you know everything is included and surprises are kept to a minimum.

Setting a strict deadline

If possible, avoid setting a strict deadline for your new kitchen. You might want your kitchen ready in time for a big birthday party you are hosting or maybe you want it done in time for Christmas. Strict deadlines will make you feel stressed and pressured. Additionally, making your contractors feel rushed may lead to mistakes. Avoid this problem by dedicating an ample amount of time for the renovation to take place. Unforeseen circumstances may lead to delays, so it is best if you avoid strict deadlines, so you are not disappointed.

Not planning enough storage

Having adequate storage space is essential for your new kitchen. To ensure you will have enough, make a list of everything you will store and assign a place for everything. You want to make sure there is enough space for your appliances, pots and pans, cooking utensils, cutlery and so on. You also want to make sure you will have enough pantry space as well, so think about your current pantry and what changes you want. Try to be as realistic and possible and try to add some extra shelves and draws just in case.


Overspending your budget

It is easy to get carried away when planning your brand-new kitchen. However, it is crucial to make you try to not overspend your budget. If you are not sure on what is an appropriate budget, a kitchen renovation will cost you between $15,000 to $45,000 depending on the size of the kitchen, what you want done as well as what materials you choose. Make sure you have a discussion with your builder, architect and designer on what you want done. Ask them what will make the renovation will cost more, what materials suit your budget and so on.

You also want to allocate approximately 10% of your budget to a contingency fund in case there are any last-minute expenses. Renovations are stressful enough. You do not want to worry acquiring last minute funds for your renovation.

Forgetting about workflow

You want your new kitchen to have an efficient workflow. You should apply the kitchen work triangle to help ensure you have a functional and ergonomic kitchen. This means you should be able to draw a triangle between the kitchen sink, the stove/oven and the refrigerator. If this kitchen design is not applied, then you might end up a kitchen that looks good but is not functional. For instance, if you place the sink on one side of the kitchen and your countertop on the other side, you might spend more time than you should going back and forth between the two areas.


There are many things that can go wrong during your kitchen renovation. From budget blowouts, subpar work, and insufficient storage space, anything seems possible. To keep the renovation mistakes to a minimum, make sure you do your research and engage trained professionals that have plenty of experience designing and installing a kitchen. We have other helpful blogs on renovating and home improvement if you want to do some more research.

Planning your kitchen renovation can be overwhelming, so consider choosing a kitchen renovation company that handles every part of the renovation for you. If you are planning your kitchen renovation in Melbourne there are plenty of companies that have a fantastic team ready to help you achieve your dream kitchen.

Darren Sherwood

Darren is the founder of his background in software development helped launch the expertEasy platform following late nights and lost weekends, he lives in Melbourne.