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How to Write a CV: Tips for 2021

How to Write a CV: Tips for 2021

. 3 min read

If you have just recently graduated or still looking for a job, having an impressive CV is tantamount to land that job you’ve always wanted. HR departments receive hundreds or maybe even thousands of CVs for one job vacancy.

Since the competition is so vile in the job-seeking pool, you should have a resume that stands from all the others. What are the current trends that will make your CV stand out in 2021? Here are practical tips on how to write a CV for better chances of employment in 2021

Avoid using complex jargon

The first thing you should be wary of when writing a CV is avoiding using jargon or acronyms that are hard to understand. Remember, in some cases, the HR department you are sending your CV to might not fully understand the technicalities of the job you’re applying for.

Therefore, the first tip for writing a good CV is simplifying things instead of overcomplicating them by using technical jargon or acronyms. Apply this rule whenever possible to make it possible for all HR staff to understand the information contained in the document.

It must be written logically, with proper grammar and sentence structure getting equal importance. To immediately impress the recruitment team, you can Google “edit my paper properly” and get in touch with one of the top professional writers from Edubirdie. A good CV writing expert will help you with editing your CV and personal statement and ensure that it ticks all the boxes and has what it takes to clear the screening round.

Using visually aesthetic templates

Nowadays, you do not have to be content with the standard black and white format of CVs. Instead, it should be visually appealing and it must show that you have invested much time and effort in beautifying it professionally. However, some may not be graphic designers or have the skills to make a visually appealing CV.

In this case, you can use any one of the hundreds of thousand templates available online designed to help jobseekers. Find the one that best suits your style but yet also professional and lines up with the job you are applying for.

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Adhere to job vacancy application requirements

Each job posting has application requirements that must be adhered to. Some of these requirements might be contrary to certain trends that you think work best for job seekers. Do not try to go against the tide by enforcing those trends to the HR department you’re sending your CV to.

Therefore, in 2021 you should carefully go through each requirement and stick to it when writing your CV. If it is supposed to be one page, try by all means to fit in the most relevant information into that single page. You can even download a template that fits the job application requirements.

Optimize your CV by using action keywords

One of the most valuable tips for writing a CV is using action keywords that make this document sound more authoritative. Action keywords make you seem more skilled and like an industry expert when used correctly.

There are a variety of keywords to use and they must convey that you’ve got experience in undertaking certain tasks. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Analyzed
  • Achieved
  • Developed
  • Designed
  • Built
  • Coordinated
  • Increased
  • Developed

You can use other keywords like these ones to get better results in your job-seeking journey. It makes you look much more experienced and increases the chances of being called in for an interview.

Personalize each CV for specific job applications

The most important thing to remember when writing a CV in 2021 is that you should avoid having generic CVs that are a one size fits all. Instead, have a personalized CV for each job vacancy you are applying for to get better results.

Creating a generic CV might hide the specific skill set you have for a particular job. For example, if it just says you are a computer programmer, it might hide the language you specialize in the most. Therefore, read the job description and base your skills and education mostly around the tasks you will be expected to fulfill.

The bottom line

Writing a CV in 2021 should not be as hard as it was years ago. Nowadays, there are templates that can help you write visually aesthetic CVs that highlight your skillset in a very efficient manner. Remember to personalize each CV you write for specific job descriptions instead of having a generic one. Also, do not overcomplicate things and avoid using jargon and acronyms that the HR department might not understand.

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Mia Ackerson

Mia Ackerson is a Melbourne-based writer. Loves writing about home decorations and home improvements. She’s also interested in reading books, movies, music, baking, and gardening.