How to Develop Your Own Style and Make a Statement

How to Develop Your Own Style and Make a Statement

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A great way to show your personality is by decorating your home in your own style. Read on for some tips to make it easy and affordable.

Decorating your apartment is a great way to reflect your personality and taste. But many people simply don't know how to get started doing it. In this article, we have discussed a few points that will make it easier for you to create your own style statement while pulling off a fabulous design for your living space.

Get Inspired

Getting inspiration from various sources around you is the easiest way to start. The Internet is always available, giving you access to a plethora of ideas from which to draw inspiration. Observing different styles from around the world will go a long way to help you form your opinion. You can check out a room online and make up your mind about the things you like about it, as well as the things that don’t impress you.

You shouldn’t restrain your imagination by just copying what you see; rather, draw inspiration from it and create your own version. You can take notes by observing the works of your favorite designers and collect photos illustrating your likes and dislikes.

Develop Your Personal Style

You have collected many items over time, such as souvenirs from vacations or collectible items that you really care for such as books, records, artwork, or movies. You need to think about how these things can be incorporated into the environment around you by including them as accent pieces. This way the decorations in your home will clearly reflect your own style. Photographs, rocks, wooden animals, or posters, all can be displayed to reflect your personal style in the décor of the apartment.

Mix Things Up

An interesting and refreshing technique is creating a unique style by mixing different mediums. You may choose to incorporate a vintage chair that you picked up at the thrift store with a really modern clear coffee table that you saw in the furniture magazine that everyone was talking about. Now you need to brainstorm how you can blend these two pieces that are modern and vintage and create a unique look that will be sure to catch everyone’s attention. If you are contemplating some visually impressive wall art to complete the look, check out for a beautiful selection that will fit your budget.

Understand Your Space

Before you embark upon any project, you need to have a clear understanding of the space you are about to decorate. The best way to do this is by taking a walk through your home and observing with an objective eye. Honestly evaluate your current décor and decide what you like or dislike. This way you will know what things you want to replace and where you need to start making changes.

Be Practical

When checking out pictures of interiors, take a moment and ask yourself if you would be able to relax in that surrounding and whether it will ultimately be a comfortable living space for daily use. It is okay to let your thoughts run wild and indulge in a few aesthetic design choices, but this will remember you will be spending a lot of time there. So while it is normal to want to just consider the beauty of your design, you need to prioritize the practicality of everyday usage when designing a particular area of the house.

Think Before You Splurge

Everyone likes to decorate with fancy items, but this is a temptation that you need to check when you are just setting out in your decorating. If you start out buying expensive pieces, you could soon find yourself out of money to finish the job. Instead, at the initial stages of the decoration, you need to look at ways to save money. You can do this by picking up items from the local thrift store, reupholster or convert old furniture, or explore hacks at IKEA.

The need to stay within a budget will also help you to further develop your sense of style. And since it is almost certain that you will modify your style in the future, it’s best not to commit to an expensive piece of furniture that you just might fall out of love within the years to come. So it is better to wait to buy the finishing expensive items when you do have the budget later on.

Pick Neutrals If Unsure

When having to make a decision about the color of a big piece of furniture, play it safe and pick a neutral. This will be the foundation upon which you can build the decoration process. Neutrals can be white, beige, or black and can also include different shades of gray, or even gold in some cases. The best part is that as you continue down the line with your decorating, you can always add more chairs, blankets, pictures, colors, and plants to make the final product more enticing. Going with neutral initially is also a great way to declutter and simplify a space.

Notice Other Spaces

When you are out in a store or a restaurant or in an office, take note of how it is decorated. Take note of how the furniture is placed, as well as what textures and colors were used. Most of the time these spaces are designed by expert interior decorators, so observing their work will enable you to expand your design choices as well.

Track Your Progress

When you rearrange the furniture, paint the wall, or add plants into the house, take lots of photos of what you are doing to change the decoration. This will come in handy in the future when you want to look back at the design choices you made previously and learn from them. This will also serve as a way to let you know how far you have come.

Designing and decorating a personal space can be a very intimate experience, a chance for you to integrate who you are with the place you live. So think it through and design a beautiful space that reflects your style and personality, and let the whole experience enrich you in mind and body.


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