Possible Guttering Problems For New Homeowners

Possible Guttering Problems For New Homeowners

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Your gutters are vital to the overall integrity of your house. The primary function of gutters is to channel water away from your home’s foundation. This is an essential element for keeping your foundation in top shape. If you want to keep moisture away from the foundation, the gutters should be in optimal condition at all times.

Keeping your gutters in good shape is easy. Make sure that you keep the gutters clean and free from any debris. Just like with any other aspect of your home, follow a regular maintenance schedule for your gutters. Generally, it’s best not to allow them to sit for months. Once you establish and stick to regular annual maintenance, it’ll ensure that the gutters stay in good shape and last for years to come. Depending on your preferences, you can pick one of these materials for your home if a replacement is necessary.

Sagging Gutters

If you allow the gutters to clog up with debris like twigs, leaves and standing water, the overflow isn’t the only problem that you’ll face. It’s important to note that debris build-up can cause the gutters to sag.

It’s usually brought about by loose hangers, which eventually pull out if they cannot hold the extra weight. You can deal with this problem by tightening the screws again. Sadly, it might also be due to hangers being too spaced out. In this case, you’ll need to install new ones closer together.

Leaks And Holes

If you notice a stream of water flowing down from the middle of the gutters, it signifies a leak. Remember that leaks and holes can develop quickly but are simple to fix.

Caulk the seams with a gutter sealant to fix any leaks. As for large holes in the gutters, you need to patch them up immediately. You can find patching kits at most hardware stores, and they're very simple to use. When patching a hole, you must use the same material as the gutter. If you use a different material, it can cause erosion.

Damaged Gutters

There are several ways in which your gutters can end up damaged. In most cases, the weather is the culprit. During heavy rain or a windstorm, the elements can knock down or damage the gutters.

In such instances, fixing might be as simple as rehanging them, or you may need to replace certain sections. When the weather is the root of the problem, you cannot prevent damages; all you can do is to make sure that the gutters are tight and properly installed.

Poorly Pitched Gutters

The water in the gutters should flow adequately. With this in mind, they should be correctly angled or pitched. The correct angle for the slope is more or less a quarter-inch for every ten feet.

If you suspect that your gutters have inaccurate pitching, you can quickly tell. Bring out a ladder after a rainstorm to check them. If you find standing water, you need to make adjustments to the pitch. You can often fix it by bending it into place, but there are cases where you’ll have to reinstall the hangers, which is a more tedious task.

Inadequate Guttering System

Some houses don't have any gutters at all, which can lead to various problems in the long run. Having a proper system in place is vital; it helps to prevent damage to the siding and foundation of a house during rainstorms.

In case you need new gutters, you should consult a professional for proper installation. This approach will help you to avoid most of the typical gutter problems. When it comes to the various gutters to choose from, aluminum might be the right choice. If you provide them with regular maintenance, these gutters can last for years.

Downspouts Draining Close To The Foundations

The downspouts should extend a few feet away from the house, or the water will build up. You might consider the installation of gutter extensions. These attach at the base of the downspouts to release water beyond the foundation of the house. You can easily find them in home improvement stores, and they’re very easy to install.

Clogged gutters

A common problem with gutters is clogging or the build up of a blockage. Once the gutters have an obstruction or blockage, water will not flow freely; it’ll start to overflow during rainstorms, leading to sagging and damage. Since the water cannot pass through properly, it will also result in issues with the external walls of your house and the foundation.

You can keep the gutters free of debris by following a regular maintenance routine, ideally at least twice a year. The frequency should vary depending on the climate. However, it's best to clear out the gutters in late fall, after most of the leaves have fallen and during spring, so that they're ready for the showers. If you're dealing with significant debris, it might be time to consider installing gutter guards.

Loose gutter spikes

If you regularly inspect the guttering around your house, you'll easily see if there are loose gutter spikes. The gutter spikes are large nails that secure the gutters into the fascia board of your home. They are responsible for mounting the gutter to the wall. If they're hanging out, you should tap them back in. Use a ladder to reach the section with loose gutter spikes. You can use a hammer or a rubber mallet to drive the spikes back into place.


For new homeowners out there, a house requires regular care and maintenance. The gutter system of the house is an essential element that demands rapt attention. If this isn’t given, it can result in damages that disrupt the structural integrity of your home. By being familiar with common guttering problems and how to deal with them, you're doing all you can to avoid significant damage. Always provide regular maintenance to your gutters to ensure that they stay in good condition for many years to come.


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