Clever Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger and Brighter

Clever Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger and Brighter

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Many of us would love to have a bigger home than we currently do, but feel as though this is something way beyond the current budget that we have. Even if you could afford a larger home, it may well be that you don’t have the financial strength to really fill it out and make it look great. This however doesn’t have to mean that your home should always feel cramped and restricted because there are a number of tricks that you can employ in the property which will make it feel bigger and brighter.

Design tricks are used all of the time to give the perception of something which isn’t really there, and this is very much the case when it comes to the space and brightness of your home. Whether the home, on the whole, is limited in space or there are rooms which you just want to feel bigger, we have some tricks for you. These are some steps that you can follow to at least give the illusion of space and scale within your home.

Use Your Lighting

If you check out the website of companies like Clearlight Designs you will see just how well designed the lighting features are. This is not only done to look stylish, but also to improve the feeling of space in the home, and add brightness. It is important to really spread light around the room, using lamps and angled lighting. When the lights are switched on the feeling of space is based entirely around what is lit, this is why dark corners and coves should be addressed in order to brighten the place up and make it feel ampler. Tricks that can be used here involve pendant lights which are low hanging, to give the sense of a taller room. Additionally, you can use oversized lamps which actually don’t take up space but rather add the sense of vacancy to the space it occupies.

Decluttering the Space

Large rooms can be filled with many big pieces of furniture, trinkets, ornaments, and artwork, but smaller spaces can feel even smaller if this is the case. This is why one of the easiest ways in which you can free up some space in the home is to simply declutter. Look to open up corners and show the floors and walls in order to give that feeling of more space.

Using Natural Light

If you have large windows in the home then this is the key to you making your home a bigger and brighter feeling place. Many people have chunky curtains which don’t open out fully and that can so often block that natural light from coming in. Look to use blinds that will allow most of that light to flow in and give you a brighter room.

Bringing Mirrors Into The Conversation

Mirrors are the perfect hack for this kind of job because they reflect the light that is there and tricks the mind into thinking that there is more space than there really is. In the hallway, you can use long, horizontal mirrors which will add to the illusion, and in the living room or bedroom tall mirrors can be used for the same impact. This is a low-cost way for you to seriously add some special feel to the property. Mirrors can also help to brighten up rooms inside the property because of how they will reflect any light and throw it elsewhere in the room.

Using Colors To Highlight Space

During the day you will be dependent only on natural light and the color scheme to provide the feeling of spaciousness. As you can probably imagine, the best choice here is to go with bold and bright colors in rooms that have limited space. You can play with lights and dark using a feature wall in smaller corners of the home, which can then push the attention back onto the lighter areas.

Don’t Block The Floor

When it comes to your furniture they should always be on legs in smaller spaces. If you opt for furniture which fits flush with the floor you are going to lose that sense of space that legs will give you. Being able to see through the frame of the furniture certainly creates a feeling of additional space and there are also more areas which light is then able to touch.

Changing the Doors

Solid doors will do a very good job of making the space feel smaller and darker, which is why they may need to be changed. The best option here would be French doors which will allow so much more light to flood in and which will give that additional sense of space that you need. This doesn’t have to be a huge expense and the results will be absolutely wonderful in terms of making a room bigger and brighter.

Scaling Down The Furniture

The higher that your furniture is, the more that the room will feel enclosed. This is why you should opt to choose the lowest furniture which you can, as this will make the room feel much airier and higher. Even if your sofa is already quite tall,  you can layer tables at a lower level to compliment it and to still get that sense of space in the room.

Keep Walls Free

With the exception of the mirrors which you may look to incorporate on the walls, aim to keep them as clean as possible if you are going to deliver on that spacious feel. In very rare cases some artwork can make the place feel brighter but in the main, you want nice clear walls which contrast with the textures which you have used in the rest of the home.

If you use these tricks then you can, without breaking the bank by any means, really give the home a great look and help it to feel more spacious and much brighter than it currently is.


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