The Best Dust Extractors Available in Australia

The Best Dust Extractors Available in Australia

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Dust not only makes the workplace dirty but can also cause health problems for employees if they inhale it. A dust extractor is the perfect solution that works great even to eliminate the smallest dust particles invisible to the naked eye. A high-quality extractor can maintain its cleanliness with the filters that automatically activate every fifteen seconds. Many come with an automatic cleaning feature that ensures optimal suction function and allows continuous cleaning regardless of its handling.

To ensure the best durability and optimal motor operation, many are equipped with an automatic water level sensor that turns off when a specific fluid level is reached during cleaning. Continue to read this article to know the best dust extractors on the market.

Key features of Dust Extractors


It is crucial to verify the dust collection rating in the form of CFM (cubic feet per minute). CFM is the measure of a volume of air that you can clean over a while. This information is helpful when finding the right dust collector that is fit for your business. The portable dust collector can offer around 650 CFM. If you require an effective air cleaning system for your home workshop, choose a 700+ CFM machine. Also, choose devices rated at least 1,100 CFM for commercial workshops.


Functionality is the most crucial feature to consider when buying a dust extractor. Typically, the functionality depends on the size as you get one that suits your needs. Make sure it has superior airflow and efficient performance. The airflow can vary between 600 and 750 CFM. If it is intended for commercial use, it must provide heavy-duty performance and have an airflow of at least 1100 CFM.

Filter quality

Not every dust collector has a similar type of filter. Some of the filters can trap large particles and leave fine dust floating around the room. It is best to buy a machine with a fine fabric filter that can trap dust particles of less than five microns. In this way, large and small dust particles do not enter the eyes or respiratory tract.


You should consider the size of the workspace and garage so that the dust extractor is large to clean the whole room. In a small garage, it is possible to use the small handheld dust extractor, however, in the industrial setting, a larger unit is needed that does not require to be emptied regularly.


An efficient dust collector is an ideal choice. The HEPA filters provide reliable performance and effectively absorb debris and dust. You need to see if it can pick up different types of material, including wet debris, so that you can be satisfied. Those with two-stage filtration are suitable for industrial use and can gather larger dust. Some may even have a three-stage system and produce excellent results, although the same may be expensive.


The portable design means you can take the dust extractor with you wherever you go. Make sure it has wheels that allow for easy maneuverability. Thanks to the lightweight construction because you can move it smoothly. For business reasons, you can opt for the fixed dust collector. Also, the compact design facilitates easy storage.

Best Dust Extractors in Australia

Makita XCV11Z LXT Lithium-Ion 18V Brushless Cordless Dust Extractor


This dust extractor from Makita offers a powerful and portable solution for dust management applications. It comes with a BL Brushless motor, powerful to deliver 57 CFM and a 27-inch water lift of suction using the 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery. There is a filter cleaning system, which maintains optimum suction and ensures long filter life.

Similarly, it has a cordless and compact design with a shoulder strap that is sold separately to allow easy vacuum transportation throughout the area for efficient use. Thanks to the integrated tethering hooks, which increase portability with the optional shoulder strap. There is the HEPA filter that captures about 99.97% of particulates.

DEWALT DWH161D120V MAX Brushless Dust Extractor Kit


The DEWALT dust extraction is a wearable, high mobility, and lightweight model that offer the best solution. It is optimized for a variety of tools and applications, which include SDS plus rotary hammers to drill and chip, percussion hammer drills, sanders, routers, drywall cutout tools, and jigsaws. More importantly, it comes with multiple connection points, which offer a wearable solution, allowing the user to position a dust extractor for the right ergonomic solution.

A 20V max brushless motor is unique because it offers a powerful and extended run time service in demanding applications. On the other hand, it has a belt hook and multiple strap connection points that enable the users to position the dust extractor for the best ergonomic solution. Equipped with the wireless tool control, you can link the tool and extractor for remote extractor activation.

DEWALT DWH304DH Durable Onboard Dust Extractor

The DEWALT product works with a corded D25333 and cordless Dch293 1-1/8 inch rotary hammers. Its users love it because of a durable and clear dust box that helps them see when the dust box wants to be emptied. With the HEPA filter and the filter cleaning mechanism, it helps to remove 99.97 percent of airborne particles with 0.3 microns or more significant.

Additionally, it is mechanically attached to a tool motor that maximizes a battery's runtime and power dust collection. There is a robust fan assembly, which increases suction during high-performance drilling. Also, it has a dimension of 43.9 x 12.7 x 29 centimetres and weighs 3.5 pounds.

Bosch GDE18V-26DB15 SDS-plus CORE18V Mobile Dust Extractor


This dust extractor from Bosch is combined with the CORE18V compact battery that allows the users to control dust during drilling application at a job site to attain maximum mobility and runtime. It is compatible with a corded GBH2-28L, RH228VC, and 11255VSR Bulldog rotary hammers. Equally important, it features the HEPA filter, which helps the users to move towards compliance with the OSHA silica dust regulations.

The model is designed with a dust container that provides a capacity of about 20 holes. Thanks to the aluminium guide rail, which provides the smooth retraction of a dust eye during a drilling application. It also has the compact CORE18V battery that provides next-gen runtime and power while losing weight to ensure an optimized performance-to-weight ratio.

DEWALT DWH205DH 1-1/8" D-Handle Cordless Dust Extractor

A 2-second power-off delay of this DEWALT device helps you carry on after you have switched off the drill. To emphasize, it features a quick release, which ensures easy tool disassembly and assembly. There are the replaceable HEPA canister and filter cleaning mechanism, which help remove 99.97 percent of airborne particles being 0.3 microns or more significant.

The exciting thing about this duct extractor is that it has a high-capacity dust box, which is precise, durable, and can store more dust. It comes with three nozzle heads that ensure maximum dust collection during application. What is more, this model has a dimension of 48.64 x 25.45 x 10.54 cm and weighs 2.04 kg.

Bosch GDE18V-26DN Mobile Dust SDS-plus Extractor

What makes many users go for this dust extractor is because it reduces the harmful airborne silica dust and labour needed for the dust clean up. It has a mobile design that delivers maximum mobility from one place to another. In the same fashion, it comes with the aluminium guide rail, which provides smooth dust eye retraction during drilling application.

With the dust container, it can provide the capacity of about 20 holes using a ½-inch diameter bit to drill 2 inches deep into the concrete. Besides, it has the HEPA filter, which helps the users to move toward compliance with the OSHA silica dust regulations. Two dust-eye options include small and large, where the large dust-eye can accommodate a bit diameters of up to 1 inch.

Bosch 1600A01TX0 18V Professional Cordless dust Extractor

This dust extractor enables a dust-free mobile work to ensure convenient cleaning results in different drilling applications. For one thing, it features four interchangeable dust caps for quick-change and fixed chucks and the drill bits of diameter 26 mm. Thanks to the viewing window, which helps to check the real dust volume and the removable dust container to store dust.

Besides, it comes with a battery that ensures superior heat management, extended service life, and longer runtime to make work efficient. This model has dimensions of 39 x 31 x 10 cm and weighs 2.56 kilograms. Besides, it comes with a complete kit that includes the dust extractor, GDE 18V-26 D, four dust caps and an extension.


All of the dust extractors we have included in the list, they have excellent performance. There are those with the auto-start feature that can save you more time since you don't have to waste time turning the knob to start them. When buying any product, you must carefully weigh each feature to find the most suitable one for your needs.


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